we’ll be lucky if we don’t blow up this week
things coming to a head
korea — some scary stuff
syria pakistan afghanistan
did you know the christians were marching?
marching in protest of getting blown up

the US government has been put on pause
we don’t know how long
but it might be a good idea to hit mute
as well
and you can get insured
and have a doctor
and get flattened by a truck tomorrow

then it would be the end of the world
it is for each of us, you know
the end of all
within the end of one

we’ll be lucky if we don’t blow up this week
i am serious
some bad signs

make peace with the maker
i’m going to think about what i forgot
and why i should remember

decide on a different path
smile inside a little more
remember who i am;

the eye of calm
at the center of my own distilled view

it’s bad
it’s really bad
i am finding my feet
and saying

we’re going to get blown up this week
best to pretend it doesn’t matter
fall into routine
fall in love
fall on grace

fall fall fall
find wings somewhere as reality turns
heaven somewhere to the left of tomorrow
and to the right of where God never stands



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