well am officially over the hill … the view offers a field of wildflowers
the tree of knowledge.

and if you take your binoculars out, can see vultures in the distance
circling over a graveyard of dead dreams

yet still a few rest in pockets
within easy reach
complex considerations
fingers move over the smooth surface of hope
nothing remarkable
untouchable as music
waiting for another horizon

and i smile
because no one can take away the journey
footsteps crushed in the grass
gentle breeze

time a friend
just this once
while the sunshine lasts

and the dreams weigh you down
only as far as the distance


10 Comments Add yours

  1. j4n says:

    Reblogged this on ayaladn.

  2. annotating60 says:

    This is a great ‘over the hill’ poem. But remember you pick up speed going down which is the fun part. >KB

    1. eebrinker says:

      that’s what the bad knees and bad back are for! lol …. slow ya down …..!

      1. annotating60 says:

        That’s only physically. It’s the mental part that opens like undiscovered country.>KB

  3. j4n says:

    I’ve been tugging on the rope too long…finally it’s time to push

    1. eebrinker says:

      a right earned….. 🙂

  4. Cat says:

    Gosh, I hope I’m not over the hill…lol… I like the comment about picking up speed on the way down

    1. eebrinker says:

      🙂 lol……. Yea sometimes warp speed……!

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