To hold
Where countered ends in sight
Are ends designed

How often did I stir?
Remove the slightest bend
Complete each hope through innocence
As dark would dawn pretend

And as this keen remorse
Retains worry for its guide
Cruel to warm intension
Standing tall for strength and birth

Worthy is a nightmare
Gleaning purpose in each stride
Oh how the Earth!
Oh where is such grand agency
For truth complies

To suffer wrong;
Hearts –they die of gravity
But minds,
Oh minds!
they merge to matter– strong

And all I am and be
shall drink of knowledge
Never once remarking
How our sky bleeds rain

And you?
You are full starlight–
(bold of breath)
By which the stars are named

And so these rivers move
Time it tells
Through dams of faith
Shall find us watching….
Beware the shores!
Oh more oh more
Never doubt that here I am, here I stand



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