Croxxed: 9-16-2013

My prayers go out to the families from the shooting this morning… it is a sad day. As a nation, we wonder if there is any answer to recent gun violence. They say guns don’t kill people, but people kill people. somehow i think both are true.



6 Replies to “Croxxed: 9-16-2013”

  1. I would agree…both are true. People who want to kill…will kill with anything whether it be a gun or a switchblade, or their bare hands. Guns make it easier and faster to kill someone. I find it very disturbing that for many…the first thing out of their mouths after a gun incident is…stash away your guns before the government comes to take them.

    I don’t feel the government should take away our guns…as a matter of fact…I don’t think guns is the biggest issue. I think the government is the major culprit since the 1980s in particular…when President Reagan decided the resources for the mentally ill were not important…that education was no longer important. It’s obvious today that all of this takes a back seat.

    1. education definitely has fallen behind, and too much contributes to the dumbing-down of America.

      and that’s the thing, when comes to gun control and all the fuss — folks will just use whatever they have. like Britain has no guns, even for their police …. but they have an awful lot of brawls and fights and people are still murdered. cops are murdered.

      you don’t stop a malady by only treating the symptoms. everything in life, is a matter of finding the source. or rather, everything involving problem-solving. mental instability is not a source, it is a reactive state to society’s ills.

      what are those ills? i think income disparity is a good place to start. and that addresses education, and the fact that it is NOT equal and fair. the lower classes have less access to good nutrition, and therefore brain-food —- to even do well in school.

  2. I agree with you…you can’t treat the symptoms…you have to find the source and go back and work on fixing that. Mental instability is a symptom of a much larger problem, but in the meantime…the resources they’ve stolen from the mental health field has castrated hospitals, and other such facilities that could offer assistance to those suffering from it.

    Income disparity is great place to start. Being a conspiracy theorist on some level…the stolen resources from education are a great way to keep the people stupid enough to follow along like lemmings.

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