we don’t say ‘thank random events’
we say
thank God
i couldn’t tell you
the degrees of mystification
they are supposed to be adults
these ones
these parental stands
so i feel sorry for the past
multiplied levels of fear
are we open-eyed?
what is knowledge if it doesn’t bring you peace
what is superiority for those affixed to absolution

how does the peach escape the rain
forever meshed within soil
the root of all matter
it is not teaching, has never been
it is the thirst for answers
belief in yourself above any redemption
rainbows and consequence
what happens when someone asks the impossible of you?
our real world contains kindness…
that’s all i ever needed
brighter goals (within abilities for nice)
have you seen my hands?
they have always been larger
but exponentially sound
i’m sorry if i come off as arrogant
it’s the one piece of those beginnings
to encircle anger
grown by the masters of intent
(their specialty was always deceit)
actions cannot be stirred by hatred only
thank God for differences
thank god for stark bands of relief
and thank Completion for random play–for the sound
of front and back
for the drop of a shoe
greater things….imagined
thank heavens i can see into the deepest soul
trade a smile for the growth of tears
for each time those bastards hurt you
our assumptions of idiocy
are too often made by idiots
humility is a prize?
more like shelter
driven to be upside down
when the rain has passed



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