when i see prosperity
or the crazy lengths of
privileged boredom

i imagine how it looks
through eyes of starvation
the pain of working hard to barely live

a point of shame
you know they used to make thick castle walls
hold court in refinement
while children begged in the streets

how i see tomorrow
success an avenue of guilt
fads and fashion and smug repose
i am not wise enough to withstand
hold accusation steady

do not tempt me to hate you;
it is not jealousy but anger at your stupidity
to only worry about the front
when you forget i see your insides
i know what kind of desperation lives in those climbs
i know how far unhappiness curdles your spirit

the child i was
wants to see relaxation bloom around your eyes
with no requirement to please
to not always have to “be” for someone else
as you did for her …so many years…
not knowing who you are



16 Replies to “reach”

    1. perhaps feeling the odd duck out……different paths. taking time to enjoy life, the reality of those who are alone in a roomful of people. to have already explored the ends of those paths…..and none asking me why i’m not on those roads with them.

  1. Such a poignant poem, coming from the heart and speaking to the heart. Caring for those who don’t have. Wonderful. I love the brightness of the photographing, radiating hope and inspiration.

  2. Loved this piece. Very well said. Have you ever noticed that the most generous people are the ones who don’t have much? Well, at least that’s what I have always observed. Why is that? Does money really corrupt people that much that they completely disregard any previous morals or values? Why are the poor the most generous with what they have? Empathy? I dunno.

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