Croxxed: 9-12-2013

been six or seven months … i guess you could say i was on vacation. reassessing. revamping. in the end you have to follow what makes sense for you. doing “Croxxed” makes sense. not because I’m much of a cartoonist, but because i enjoy it.



4 Replies to “Croxxed: 9-12-2013”

  1. Absolutely Eileen. For any creative it all has to be based on that personal passion. We have to first embrace what we create because we love doing it. I haven’t looked back. What you do is really quite cool. Best of all is how well you articulate and what you create makes me think…I love that and can develop my own perceptions from it. That’s what I love about writing as well.

    1. it’s what works for me — interesting that Facebook doesn’t show the picture of this episode but puts up one of the other ones from this blog site instead. at least that’s what is showing this morning, though wasn’t that way when i first posted it. guess have my work cut out for me. thanks, Don …. following a dream.

  2. I think that 9/11 is one of those moments forever frozen in time, like JFK’s assassination was. Everyone remembers where they were, what they were doing when it happened. Those moments where reality, the world as you know it, is suddenly, forcefully, ripped apart and the pieces strewn everywhere. Never to be the same again. I like Croxxed because it’s clever. Strange how FB censors things…one could *almost* believe it was deliberate…

    1. it is strange…. possible that has to do with the encryption, my copy of photoshop is getting pretty old.

      i suppose it’s that we always amaze ourselves with how certain things stick in the memory. is always the tragedy…. that makes giant impact craters.

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