Getting 4G on the BLU Studio 5.3s

i got a new unlocked phone month or so back. the Blu Studio 5.3 S. a really nice phone, for a no-name brand. from a company out of Florida, so you’re doing your patriotic duty.

but originally, i could get my AT&T sim card to work only in the second sim slot (this phone has a dual-sim). and not only that, but it would often lose contact and i would have to power down the phone and power it back up to get it to connect to AT&T. the phone calls were choppy and garbled. and i was seriously considering a return to Verizon. (even though the specs on most of their phones don’t rival the ones for the Blu).

in the end, if you’re a techie, that’s what you look at–the specs. strangely enough, Blu Studio 5.3s sports a quad-core snapdragon CPU. that ain’t chump change. the number on it just one below the quality that goes into a Galaxy Note II/III. to the effect that the general user is not going to see any difference.

and the “cheaper” phone has a removable battery (have not seen an android system yet that doesn’t need a cold-cock now and then). has the slot for SD micro chip …. so you can just pop your files from the old phone into the new phone.

that said, i had this problem with the sim only working in the number 2 sim slot. and the most frustrating thing was that it would only run the Edge 2G internet — no matter what APN settings i used. finally thought maybe the problem was AT&T, and spent a good part of the afternoon going over things with one of their representatives. still no dice and only the 2G.

SO — i took the SIM out and put it in my old AT&T phone. just to see if it got the 3G there. it did. so i went into the settings on the old phone and noted the APN list:

APN: wap.cingular
Port: 80
Username: (left blank)
Password: (left blank)
Server: (left blank)
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
IP version: IPv4
Authentication: None
APN type: default, mms, supl

after noting the APN settings, i put the Sim card back into the BLU — but put it in the number one slot. i also used a slip of paper, doubled, to hold it in place a little better …. as suggested by one user in a forum.

wasn’t reading the sim at all. but i was done messing around, and did a factory reset on the phone, with the sim in on the number one slot.

amazing thing happened, when it came back online, the card was at an H (highspeed) on the notification bar. that means it’s doing 4G. and no more lag on recognizing the SIM. if is on wifi only it shows the 3G symbol. that’s the first time I’d even seen it, up until then it was showing only G or E.

so that first slot is the one that has the 4G capability (shows H on notifications), i guess the 1900/2100 MHz or something to that tune. but for some reason it wasn’t working before the reset. AND i had reset the phone twice before, after installing aps that seemed to slow it down.

(for those that don’t know, to reset the phone to factory settings you go into System Settings>>>>Backup & reset>>>>>Factory data reset)

so I’m not sure what or how ………….. might have to do with putting the SIM for awhile into the old phone, changed a setting on the SIM so it could run the 3G/4G. might be that having the SIM in during the reset process kicked something into gear for the Blu phone.


i don’t know. it wasn’t just the APN settings, because i tried that before resetting the phone and they made no difference. and when i tried the SIM in the number one slot before, i had to change the default settings to GMS only for it to read at all.

so what am saying is that if you are using AT&T and getting only the Edge signal on your Blu phone, don’t give up. wish i had more definitive reasons on how it finally got working with the 4G — but main thing is you have to have the SIM card in the number one SIM slot. and don’t be afraid to talk to AT&T, let them know what make and model of phone you are using with your gophone account.

finally, for those who don’t know how to set up the APN — go into System Settings >>>>> Wireless & networks/More >>>>Mobile networks >>>> Network settings (make sure “data” is enabled) >>>>> CARD 1 >>>>Access Point Names. then to add the new APN settings, tap the menu key (bottom left next to the home key), and select “new APN”

after entering the APN settings, don’t forget to save them, by tapping the menu key again and selecting “save”


63 Replies to “Getting 4G on the BLU Studio 5.3s”

  1. Omg dude thanks for the info my blue wasn’t getting online at all now I’m running 4 g if I had your info I’ll pay you for that! I love my phone! Thanks a lot man! Wow!

        1. have no idea, but if somebody reading knows, maybe they’ll answer you. other way is to find the phone on amazon and ask the question there.

      1. Dear sir…..I purchased a blu 6 for my wife for he r birthday. Dam thing v always drop the signal til I looked you up and followed your instructions. Her phone runs great now….better than mine…God bless you sir. …she loves her phone!!!!!

  2. Much like every other phone to exist, ever (other than some LG & Samsung & Nokia), this phone is made in China, BLU is a firm located in Miami FL.
    The reason you get different services on different sim slots is that SIM slot 1 is GSM bands only (including EDGE), and SIM slot 2 is GSM & WCDMA. The BLU Quattro gets 4G on T-Mobile, it’s by far the fastest phone I’ve used (I have not used a G2, Note 3 or MotoX)
    Great info on APN’s here. Thanks.

    1. you got sim 1 and 2 mixed up…. in the blu studio it’s the number 2 sim slot that is gsm only. but yea, everything is built in china, what can you do? at least it’s usa unlike sony and samsung….

      1. i don’t make phone calls…. or help over the phone. instructions are in the blog, but if still having trouble i recommend you to contact your cell provider for assistance.

        1. is 3g or 4g part of your carrier plan? have to set the apn, that is what tells the phone how to connect to 3g. lastly can call your carrier, att or tmobile…..and inform them that you are not able to get the 3/4g you paid for.

    1. dangerousdrug: Were you able to get 3g or 4g on your phone? I’m also in Uganda but am unable to access 3g and/or 4g.

      Your help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I have the some problem with my studio 5.5 an I have metro pcs. The signal is e and customer told me to change the apn, but still no connection… any advice

  4. buenas noches ! Disculpe mi pregunte es algu fuera de lugar , pero usted de casualida de la vida usted conseguira mica tactil para el blu 5.3s (STUDIO)

  5. So I have contacted AT&T a few times. The first time when I first bought my phone the technical support person was able to enable g and h. That was in dec/jan.

    I reset my phone however in march and after 10 phone calls to tech support, multiple resets etc I am not able to get above e. My phone actually recognizes g but when I turn on my internet via the plus arrow/down arrow (I turn it off to save battery) the internet goes down from g or h to e. I’ve always turned it off btw, this had no affect on g or h when I could get g or h.

    Anyone have any advice as to what I should say to att support so they can fix it again? I got it to work for a good two months before I reset…

    1. after reset you have to enter and apply the APN settings. directions are right in the blog.
      for those who don’t know how to set up the APN — go into System Settings >>>>> Wireless & networks/More >>>>Mobile networks >>>> Network settings (make sure “data” is enabled) >>>>> CARD 1 >>>>Access Point Names. then to add the new APN settings, tap the menu key (bottom left next to the home key), and select “new APN”

      Name: ATT WAP
      APN: wap.cingular
      Port: 80
      Username: (left blank)
      Password: (left blank)
      Server: (left blank)
      MMS proxy:
      MMS port: 80
      MCC: 310
      MNC: 410
      IP version: IPv4
      Authentication: None
      APN type: default, mms, supl

      after entering the APN settings, don’t forget to save them, by tapping the menu key again and selecting “save”

      EVERY PHONE MUST HAVE APN SETTINGS TO USE 3G — the BLU phone will show the 3G symbol when it is picking up a WIFI signal. you probably were never once using cellular 3-4G …. unless your phone was previously owned and someone set the APN for you. APN cannot be set remotely. Calling the ATT support does not set your APN.

      When you order a phone through the cell companies, they ship those phones with the APN settings already programmed into a phone. But with an unlocked phone like BLU — you have to set the APN yourself.

      on their end, ATT can change the device associated with your account, and make the towers recognize the phone for your account. you still need to program the APN so your phone knows where to look for a signal.

      1. Hi I should have stated that I set the APN after every reset. Still no luck, thanks for telling me what ATT does though, I’ll be sure to tell them that.

        I’m guessing that’s what they did the last time to fix it.

        1. should still work … (their settings should not have changed) i would double check that the APN is set right. have read that some have had success going into an ATT store and having them set the APN there.

  6. Omg i was so upset when i couldnt use Google even, i followed tour instructions and it was magic , Thank you so much!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much , i was so upset i couldnt connect to internet or wifi, i followed Ur advice and everythin is workin Great, once again thank u!

      1. I’m in the big city in Ghana and moreover I have three networks. is that in Ghana we cannot get H. because I have my H on my old fon and even H+

        1. yea i’m in the states so have no clue. would talk to the phone service again and see what they can do. double check the apn you entered. and make sure specs on the phone says it’s a 3g or 4g phone.

  8. Is the Blu Studio 5.5 S capable with AR&T Go Phone? I know its capable with AT&T, but I have the prepaid Go Phone account and I don’t want to waste my money to get this phone if it doesnt work. I’m not tech savy.

    1. i took the SIM from my android GoPhone and put it in the BLU………. this was all done with a GoPhone account. But the point of an UNLOCKED phone is that you can use it on any …. t-mobile, att, the walmart straight-talk. just have to set it up correctly, so if you’re not tech-savvy then don’t know what to tell you. ANY unlocked phone is going to take a little bit of effort to set up.

  9. Hello Guys..i have read the blog and the encouraging comments here..
    But i still can’t make any improvement of situation…i have BLU STUDIO 5.5 D610a here in Ghana…the Phone was bought in the US…ever since it came i cant connect to 3G/4G…but with the same sim i can access 3G
    on my old phone…please help

    1. its a different network. use your head for heavens sakes…..will have completely DIFFERENT APN …. must look on APN on your old phone and create APN on Blu phone with those same settings. not ones i have here… your cell provider in Ghana. i do not have access to Ghana APN’s but they are right on your old phone. plus you will be using GSM so SIM needs to go in the other slot.

  10. i just wanted to say i have a blu studio 5.3s and for the last year i have been looking for this and finally i found it and yes it does work because i could not get any type of internet on my phone at all the google maps worked but not me surfing and i do get H and 3G on the phone now. i have a lg optimus pro G and crack the screen so i moved the sim card over to this phone which is 4G and could not get it to work till i followed what to do in this blog … MAN THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I AM SHARING THIS TOO…

  11. I have an blu studio 5.5, am located in nigeria, at first 3g was enable on the phone , and internet was fast for couple of weeks, den after it only display th Gsm mode, any time I try to change the intenet mode to wcdma for 3g I notice ma network signal goes off..but wen I switch it back to gsm mode the signal comes up. Pls help

    1. save all your files and then do a factory reset…. with SIM card in place. after phone is reset, then add back on your carriers apn info. if you do not have the apn info, do not reset your phone. it is my understanding that international systems only work on the gsm, though. cdma towers are like the verizon ones we have in the states.

  12. my network setting won’t even highlight up so i am able to put in my apn number and exc… it also won’t read in both slots :/. i”m not able to go to dual sim card setting or anything it’s all grayed out.

    1. they both do gsm but only one does gsm and cdma. if you use two sims, it will just ask you which one you want to use to dial out with. so i don’t know what you mean by grayed out. if are having that big of trouble, should contact your cellular service provider.

  13. I got the Blu Studio 5.5 and having same problems with the 3G/4G connection her in the Gambia. I want to try what you suggested though. hopefully it will get things going for me

    1. i’ve heard of cutting down regular sims to fit into micro slots, but don’t think the micros will work in regular slots. could try and see, but probably need to order a regular size from your cell service provider.

  14. I THINK I FIXED SLOW INTERNET ISSUE!! I have the BLU STUDIO 5.5S and I am on Cricket (now owned by At&t) and I have a small sim card in the #2 slot. I was getting H+ but it was super duper slow….unresponsive. So, here is what I did…go to settings, click the MORE tab, then click on MOBILE NETWORKS, then click on ACCESS POINT NAMES, it WAS checked WAP, I instead checked BROADBAND and WALA I think I fixed it. Internet is BLAZING NOW!! Hope this helped someone else, cause I searched the internet high and low and couldn’t figure it out! I am just soo smart (pat on the back as I laugh at myself).

    1. you just switched it to a different APN. most who have unlocked phones have no preinstalled apn settings. this blog discusses how to set apn. that is when you write your own apn settings. but your info might help other cricket customers.

        1. the apn tells cell phone towers how to route your cell phone signal. in phones received from cellphone companies, they have those settings programmed in to the phone before you buy it. the name is the name that company gave to their settings. now if you Don’t buy a cellphone from a provider like cricket or verizon, but instead buy the cellphone directly from the manufacturer–that is called an unlocked phone. it is capable of being used on any network that supports unlocked phones. yours was programmed by cricket to work on cricket or at&t. the people at cricket did something similar to the instructions from this blog, and set up and named two apns on the phone. switching it might cause them to bill you differently. call cricket and talk to a technician or someone in billing. you might end up getting a bill that’s insane. that setting changes the route your signal takes. we can assume cricket programmed a second one to be used and there is no harm using it…. but they might not have. or you can wait and see if anything happens to your phone bill.

  15. I have a count budget mobile blu nmx v 351 version 4.4.2 and my YouTube don’t work my internet is locked what could I do for it to work

  16. I’m in Ghana did the Apn as it was on my old for but still I get e. I have consulted my network but is still at e.

    1. some networks only have e available in certain areas. like if not a big city and out in the country, it will be e instead of 4g and much slower. but they should be able to tell you that and have a map

  17. My blue life play only allows 2G network,if i try switching it 3G the network does not work
    So how can solve this issue and am in africa zambia

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