so i’m going over this
deciding that the causality cannot be that simplistic
let me ask you this:
do you care what people think?
the strange balancing act
where many find themselves becoming
what others expect?

i lost myself in my own tales
entwined with the gift of tongues and tomes
we stare at reflections
but they are stares only
the best of this world is past realization
you can see more without yourself in the way
though some eat shadows
and crave repetition like a chain of paper dolls
dancing circles around heads of blistering affectation….
dawn a light that makes most anything beautiful; even
a complex face destined to look inward
and bury the tears
even you, who decided to mark graveyards and cattleprods
with condescending wishes
i don’t care if i disappoint….(is that me?  i think it’s me…) that, too–
is an art



4 Replies to “think”

  1. insist those toes
    go out and dance
    toward any brightness
    stepping lively creates more smiles
    that cannot be found alone
    please do not drop
    into your self again so deep
    you cannot hear the singing of the sun.

  2. There is so much to like about this one! All you can be is you. The *real* you, the one deep inside that is unique and individual in the way that only you can be. Consider that *each* of us is so unique! Out of, what, 200-600 million wigglies, each of us managed to make it to the egg! Those kinds of odds are…well, astonishing, if you stop and consider it. As for the photo, I love your fingernails in this pic. I love the fact that your coffee cup has hearts on it. lol and lastly, I dig the way the crack in the sidewalk lines up with the crack in the cup! 🙂 Be happy with the quirky, amazing person you are, E. There is not another like you in the whole universe.

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