me august 2013

has been a very warm summer after a very harsh winter.  again, i find myself at a crossroads in life….and slightly past any possibilities to ask what i want to be when i grow up.  more like what will occupy my time as this body continues to fall apart?

more than anything, just want a normal life.  but am thinking that train already left the station.  worlds and worlds….my friend.  at this point am pretty sure none of it will make sense.  but life has been good.  no matter the road i take, it always leads to another tomorrow and hopefully within those tomorrows, are a few more smiles.



6 Replies to “me august 2013”

  1. Your photo is full of character and one day at a time is good advice, these last few weeks in summer always have me thinking that Autumn Days are coming, and when they do I love Autumn/Fall the colours, the freshness and strangely, always September does seem to mark more new, positive beginnings than I could imagine, so one day at a time for me too.

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