has no clothes; are protesters Egyptian citizens?

not to be a stick in the mud (*raises hand — excuse me?*)–but has anybody bothered to check the nationality of those protesters killed in Cairo?

over the last several weeks, i am sure the egyptian city has become a mecca of sorts, across the entire middle east. to be honest, when reports were of Turkey decrying the violence, i wondered how many of those killed were their own citizens?

anyway, i think it’s odd that none of our news agencies mention this; more than a crack-down on protesters, it’s quite likely that egypt was responding to an invasion of sorts. if all the mormons of utah decided to invade sanfrancisco and block the golden gate bridge — would that be taken as a “peaceful” protest?

if those mormons threw a sanfrancisco police vehicle over the bridge, killing 4 officers …..? chaos is chaos. but i really think they should start finding out what percentage of those Cairo crowds are even Egyptian citizens. might be interesting.



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