living for the moment,
the dust away–
each synapse graven,
i rest the body,
soul can only stir.
the sidewalks hold each footprint–
mighty strides
beyond the plots
there stands a cherry tree,
blossoms pink
i probably never mentioned
how weary ghosts flow through my head;
it’s like a numbing, yet every node
on fire
electric melodies
open gates to feel the shifting
i send them home
with rivers of design,
letting go.
no bad days
earned with aimless perfection,
greater hearts are born empty.

there was a time
when respect mirrored fear;
but now i study faces:  life
you know, it moves.



4 Replies to “slab”

  1. wonderfully expressed; especially the last two lines–they “scream the dust away”. Very sharp imagery makes your point snap like an unused condom ring (well, ok I could have said rubber band but what fun would that have been)

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