handy woman

not to be outdone
my feet step up to the plate
to the dark days of injury!
getting down from the chair
(washing walls and oh my! don’t they look nice…)
am not sure how they tangled themselves
i only have two….

sharp pain in the third tarsal
left foot (again –again– AGAIN!)
so i’m flat on my back
what to do
maybe some athletic tape

maybe if i ignore it enough
it will decide not to hurt
the guy at the paint store seemed nice
but he screwed me on the color
way too white
so i have an entire workbench
out of a kitchen counter
mixing and wondering
(at a distance)
if i was going a little overboard
too many holes
an artist, after all
hang my works- nail after nail

now bare – bare walls and a distant hum
convoluted paradox
damn foot
damning hands
poor caretaker
of my own body
i wish i had a beer or wine cooler
super cold
hold against the forehead
grab summer by the balls
remember youth

someday i’ll have it
you can bet
drop a few thousand years of worry
happiness forever stubborn

fix the foot
good thing bodies heal


8 Replies to “handy woman”

  1. Tell me, when you originally hung these paintings, how many thumbs did you hit with the hammer? Tell me, too, that this chair had no wheels.

      1. The best cure is double-churned, reduced fat, no-sugar added, cherry cordial ice cream. You sit there and eat it, don’t rub it on your foot.

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