metered icon

to live each day like it’s your last —
never quite worked
it’s like you have to take the
hypothetical best day ever
divide it by the day you are having NOW
and then somehow calculate
how happy you COULD be
versus how happy you SHOULD be

one thing i’ve found
in my old age
is that time passes regardless
whether you plan for it or not

used to be
that every night
as i lay in bed
went over everything i was going to do the next day
was just what i did
every night
now every night i take my pills
and pray that whatever the day brings
it does not prove me a fool

fact is
that a last day doesn’t matter
unless you live like you have more days
more plans
more hopes

the tide of time, arrived
is consistently heaviest towards the middle
and dodges at both ends

no sense filling oceans with more tears
the greatest return
to balance work against pain

hope compounded by effort
pleasure is to simply overcome
while simple is to live a smile
and pleasure the moments

by noticing them


7 Replies to “metered icon”

    1. that one is the baby w/ broken wing. was hard to get a good picture …. the focus is not auto on the zoom, eventually suppose i’ll get it right. but that poor bird, didn’t see him today — for several days skittering around, just instead of flying off he goes running for the bushes.
      (too many people here throw down all manner of garbage, including cigarette butts and empty packages)

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