if need

if need belief in rapture/ then are less concerned with consequences for OTHERS
sealed to self-centered design
justification grounded on the need to justify
met the devil and lost
if need the approval of others/ a jealousy of conformity
aches delivered by missing parts
a worship of roles;
exact conscription
if need comfort/ the child never grew from fear
worry becomes a sport
busy becomes the best excuse
if need importance/ competition mesmerizes
captivates imagination
quick fixes for precise yearning
if need understanding/ desire becomes eternity
satiation not an option
quest for knowledge
circled thought in circled traps
if need love/ redemption craves conspired ends
the night that never sees day
proudly deserving
devotion worth pennies
in a well of drowned wishes
if need hope/ it’s at any junction


2 Replies to “if need”

  1. But hope floats, right? 🙂 You pose some interesting if/then correlations in this one, E. They work backwards to forwards, too, which is saying something. Thanks for making me think today.

    1. thank you, Dragon –sort of like a project, in working the ties. mostly trying to make sense of a few things, though of course that’s generally more lessons in futility.

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