Ubuntu 12.04 Unity desktop sucks giant huge penguins …

some users have commented on another blog i have, that the newer Ubuntu 12 is better … that the problems with the unity desktop have been resolved, etc. but it is not anything that can get ‘better’ because the construct of Unity is just all wrong.

unity is a HUGE time hog. i can’t imagine what brainiac would sit there and say “let’s make people hover, then click, then wait for a slow launcher interface to process the command” and think that’s better than a click and immediate response.

unity infuriates me to no end. it is the perfect example of construct that favors design over function. even if you use compiz and disable the hover-BS, it’s better where you can scroll the buttons then instead of hovering and waiting for them to open, and THEN being able to scroll. it is stupid beyond stupid. buggy — top heavy.

how much collective time have they wasted, do you think? if it takes a user 10 seconds EXTRA on average to launch an app (often more) and 6 apps a day that’s 1 minute per user which 6000 users a day would be 100 hours a day of time wasted/stolen by the makers of unity. at $10 an hour, they have then cost $1000 for every 6000 users PER DAY.

and patting themselves on the back while they do it …..

“new” is supposed to SAVE you time, not waste time.

most indexes are faster to use when the user can become familiar with elements, not constantly search for specific designations. it is acutally faster to use the HUMAN index, and find what is needed according to placement in a filesystem, than constantly wait for a computer to find it.

because a HUMAN index has a steady response time, where a computer is not consistent and will always vary response according to load.

WHEN you have a consistent usage element, performance of hardware and software then have a metered range by which to calibrate evaluation.

take that away, with having to hover (wait dependent on system load) and with search (find dependent on system load) … and you have a system that will waste a persons day without them even knowing it.

sort of like the evil, that people who don’t know computers think is “cool” — but really represents all that SHOULDN’T be done with computing. unity desktop is a very bad idea and a very bad thing.

ubuntu attempting to force users into unity, by not including a “classic” choice in the sign-in screen, is further proof of its inadequacy. if it was a better option, there would be no need to force users into it. to get the correct Gnome desktop you have to waste more time, looking online and installing the selection. calculate how much time unity is costing you, and decide if will do better to take the time to remove it.

it’s like bad chess ……. really bad chess. like some other-world plot to determine how many hoops a human being will jump to get a better working operating system. it’s like the makers of Ubuntu have gone mad. or were mad all along.


27 Replies to “Ubuntu 12.04 Unity desktop sucks giant huge penguins …”

  1. I just made the mistake of updating to 12.04 without researching first.

    This eats huge heaps of shit. I would have expected a change in the look, but not so much a complete excision of usability.

    If I only had an external HD large enough to accommodate all my music and movies and stuff, I’d wipe and start from scratch, with slack or something.


    1. there’s supposed to be a way to install the classic desktop …. if you google it, uses a terminal command to find and install. i just went back to 10.10 ….. again. sticking w/ubuntu because can’t figure out with Fedora how to make the grub install on a usb stick.

  2. yes because it was too hard for the OS writers to include that package in the build? and are looking at how much TIME it takes an average user to google and find those terminal commands. is xubuntu Gnome? is xubuntu-desktop package even onboard for the OS to just install it?

    guess i should have made clear …. i know how to circumvent anything. if you can google and read, you can manage. my concern is for the user who does not have the ability to understand written directions — heck, any directions.

    that aside ………..let’s go BIG – BIG picture on this: how many hoops do you let them make you jump?

    how many? before you say “OK, you’re just changing things now because you CAN.” how many? the human being is a creature of habit. and while it is a GOOD thing to keep some change and keep on the toes, is not a good thing when that is for entertainment purposes of those designing the dance.

    and as i pointed out, to slow the user in the Unity build. SO are looking at the designers who INTENTIONALLY wish to slow the work of those who are farther down the ladder in learning Linux. plus there are measurable glitches in Gnome once Unity has been deployed. so everybody pays for it even with an install of the right desktop. everybody pays for dumb and his brother stupid being in command.

    entire thing is blown, because in computing cannot build on crap. got a case of bad programming and bad programmers. as in evil and you want somebody evil working on your patches and updates w/access to your hardware?

    it doesn’t matter that you can ‘fix’ it to make it back to a normal desktop environment. only thing the OS writers have to do …………. and i’ve said this before ………….. is on the install programming, design one more intro-screen that asks the user if they would like Unity mobile desktop or Gnome home desktop. it’s not hard.

    IF they want to employ a cross-platform environment, then need an efficiency expert on hand to fix Unity. get rid of the hover BS and shorten the loop on the launcher. have drag-n-drop links back on the desktop.

    not that hard, and they don’t do it — which means again, that the fracking of users is intentional. the elimination of desktop links is a tactic to force the user onto the slower(and inconsistent) Unity-launcher links. the elimination of the sign-in option for a Gnome desktop is to force users to use Unity.

    the only upside is a mobile platform which might be marketable in the future. because are getting more users to use the platform so that more data can be collected. SO …. we are looking at the fracking of ubuntu users for the purpose of eventual payoff for the makers. which i really don’t have a problem-with, if it weren’t for the FACT that they are PAYING for that then with EVERYBODY else’s time, and what THAT means is that we are actually experiencing a net-loss because they are stupid.

    $1000 in time, for every 6000 users per day for 3 years of development research totals ……….. $36,000 per 6000 users. at $20 per unit for the OS, are looking at the need to contract 1800 units per 6000 users just to break even. which if it doesn’t take off (which it won’t, since Windows 8 is in full steam) …..there is no way they are going to make up for the loss created by stealing everyone else’s time.

    so it’s a fracking without even any payoff. and that’s why i bother to take some of my time to fight against what stupid has done with this. the fact that our big boys haven’t nipped it in the bud, means we have problems that go farther up the chain.

  3. oh …. and the REAL payoff, training users to type everything they are “searching” for — is a way to log data on user selective-processes. which that data again is not worth the dollar hours, unless you are selling that data to an enemy of those who are making it.

    i can see all kinds of bad spins on what Ubuntu has done with Unity starting with their Natty build.

    and the only “upside” is Ubuntu programmers might be impressing a few lower-IQ 14 year olds. which everybody and their mother’s uncle already has all the data they need on that.

  4. oh, and the reason they ‘need’ a typed entry of every search is a failure in the programming to log and compile clicks. so are looking at a design to frack users for the sake of gathering data that they could have gathered without fracking users if they built the system right to begin-with.

  5. which if the system DOES already contain measures to log and compile clicks, then the forced-to-search tactic is a deliberate hole in the programming, for malicious software to gain access to user movements and gather data. so it is a feeding of the lower fish. and again, with no way to make up in money for what are costing everyone.

  6. “The Ubuntu team is very pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) for Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products.”

    They should be embarrased, especially Unity. Gnome is better, with better workspace switching, better application switching, and better customization. I regret moving to 12.04. Maybe it’s time to get an alternative to Ubuntu.

    They added a couple of minor improvements, and lost having an effective OS.

    They totally lost it.

        1. sorry if i sabotaged a potential open-source champion. saw some probs with later marketing to cause nationwide blankage of cellphones useing Linux-based OS’s. E.

  7. Preach it!!

    I just installed 12.10 64-bit on my new super-fast machine and it ran like it was covered in molasses. I thought perhaps the bleeding edge was at fault, so I wiped it and installed 12.04. No, it apparently just blows goats. The Unity interface made me want to strangle my cats. Trying to FIND an application was a nightmare. ‘Dash’?! No, no, more like ‘Painful, zombie-like crawl’ and Hover is the most retarded concept since Microsoft Bob. It’s like a never-ending game of hide and seek to try to find the most basic commands and functions – when they exist.

    What did they do? Have a design meeting and say “Gee, let’s take the absolute WORST parts of Mac OS and the WORST parts of Vista and glue them together into Ubuntu! Everyone will love it!” My belief is they either hired a bunch of Microsoft coders or Bill Gates finally threw enough money at them to make such a complete POS that people would hurry to buy Windows 7.

    Absolute garbage.

    I’m in the process of stripping it off my machine and going back to 10.04.4 64-bit right now. Which FLIES.


    1. have no idea but seems there must have been some back door deals somewhere. what is noteworthy, is that later ubuntu releases are the mobile interface they were working on. while windows 8 is the desktop INSIDE the digital mobile interface ……….. ubuntu put the digital interface inside the desktop. like one big huge turd you have to get around.

      i actually like windows 8 ……… fast puppy. they did it up right. but of course the DRM lockdown will be tighter than ever.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for this article – Due to driver issues (my sound card is non-functional on Ubuntu 10), I had to go back to 12.10…But stripping off the Unity garbage and going with the Xubuntu desktop…Ahhh! That’s more like it!

    Thanks again!


  9. Couple of days ago I had to give up and “upgrade” to 12.10.
    I knew the horrible piece of shit that was waiting for me.
    While googling every variations of “Unity sucks” and “Unity is a piece of utter crap” and watching with horror the shit getting installed, I found out about classic-gnome package (whoever is the maintainer I love you) and my I got my life back.

    You and Orion gave the exact definition of Unity.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. most welcome. it was an aborted attempt to create an open-source home screen for mobile that could incorporate the emergency broadcast system for US mobile-droid in general (my deducive reasoning over the years).

      admit, i am STILL a coward, and install only Linus prfixed w/the 10. (and enough hard copies around here to start selling them. ) however, the view from SLC differs than most, and we had a HUGE closed down several years ago of an open-source giant in town, was “bought out” by microsoft, and the software so volatile (in lieu of our anti-trust (U.S.A) laws, that the justice system (US) put a “hold” on many of the Linux innovations in general. my conclussions were that Unity or even “Ubuntu” were a ‘plant’ to exploit the hard work of freeware-operators and liscense much of that unders another ‘name’ or ‘shell.’ (windows also has “shells” for their folder-looks (i am primarily a graphics-engineer). onc time ———————- once upon a time i teased someone or said something about MS, to the effect that Bill Gates was busy doing penance in africa. but before THAT i knew many of the older-goats simply gave their fortunes to the United States Treasury. E.

  10. It seems that Ubuntu has committed suicide. Most users have left to other distros. At some point when 80% of its previous users go to mint or kbuntu, etc I am sure they will still be trying make us all act like 12 year olds with iphones. You always know that someone has lost it when you are given no choices. Ubuntu is now steadily shooting itself in the foot. I have been running 12.04 on my laptop since it came out with gnome. I just tried to put it on my desktop and am reminded whata pain in the ass it is to get rid of unity and provide a functional UI. I think the jerk who is running Ubuntu has a tablet and is desperate to run ubuntu on it so he can try to push it at the new popular tablet market and abandon the very people who made it pissible for linix to have 20 million users. I remember the early distros which were far from user friendly. Now we are into something way different. This is watching a man kill a good program with a rotten idea that they can’t give up as it is all about their ego. Sad. It was good for a while. I tried mint but cinamon feels as bad as win 7. Everything useful is hidden that we use and all the crap is well advertised. I could not get mate or gnome on it. So I am back to loading 12.04 and wasting a day getting rid of unity and replacing it with gnome. Why would anybody do this to millions of previous loyal supportive fans? It is self destructive behavior clear and simply.

    1. well i would like a blow-by-blow on how to get a working Gnome UI on the 12.04 …. tried the programs from Ubuntu installer, and launching into “Gnome Classic” rather than unbuntu — but the interface is NOT the classic gnome. it still has same limitations for desktop, no way to change placement of the task bars or add/remove new ones. same awful “theme” choice instead of the traditional Gnome selections. and that’s what ticks me off most about 12.04 right now — being stuck with REALLY UGLY windows. it’s like they decided on the 2 ugliest ones to use for themes.

  11. Yes, im uninstalling this crap…lol its fucking easier in bash to start a program…wtf!? get back to basics UBUNTU STAFF, its was much better before unity…to bad, cos ubuntu could compete with windows, but not anymore this is just confusing, edit some files to get a freaking icon on the launcher? FUCKING FUCK UNITY SUCKS (13.04 desktop) i rather run bash only on my laptop morons

  12. I have been running a 10.10 LTSP setup at home for the past three years. I got tired of having to un-freeze my family’s Win machines at least once a day, dealing with viruses and such, so when a nice, retired IBM 3600 series dual quad Zeon machine came along I went “all terminal” and ended the pain for good, the lone remaining Windows box for accounting and other platform dependent apps live in the basement and only seen via RDP. After 10.10 became end of life and no longer supported, I tried 11.10 on a desktop machine for a whole evening before I concluded Unity was best suited for a toy computer or somebody who will only be on Facebook 90% of the time. Absolute piece of shit for anybody who is a power user… “search” for an app? Always be forced to use a keyboard where a few flicks of the wrist and forefinger worked perfectly well in the past? No longer can I put my feet up on the desk and navigate my machine with a mouse on the thigh?

    Prior to actually trying to use it, I had posted in numerous locations looking for anybody who had “upgraded” an LTSP above 10.10, primarily due to concerns about other issues, but once I saw and experienced Unity I decided I will be stuck with 10.10 on the LTSP until Evolution and Firefox can no longer function.

    It reminds me of “New Coke” a few decades ago… where Coke decided they needed to be just like their competitor instead of different or better, the only difference being that they, unlike Ubuntu, quickly saw their mistake and brought back “Classic” Coke to even greater market success. They didn’t decide that one flavor drink was needed that could be poured into any shape glass, they introduced more flavours for the different folks holding them… Diet, Cherry, etc., while retaining their base Somehow with the arrogance I have seen regarding Canonical’s response to loyal customer feedback I don’t think we will ever see that, and any future customer base will have to be a new one because the existing customer base is definitely on the way out the door.

    1. i was able to install the Gnome desktop — instead of Unity. but there is still this giant lag when launching any program. even the file windows — hit the icon and wait so i click and click and then after five minutes 10 windows will open. is crazy. it used to be so much faster, and i would put 10.10 back onto the netbook, but it isn’t supported and worry on the security. can’t win for losing ….

      thanks for your input — i think all we can do is bitch a little. was good while it lasted….

  13. good article – I do hate pc problems… had one with my new pc, damn Apple is soo expensive, and the new pc rolled over at 6 weeks… and then had to wait 3 weeks to get it back.. I won’t name the pc maker, but let’s say you could cover it be calling them Anus

    1. i work with pc, linux, and android…..enjoy the new windows 8. am trying the latest ubuntu on my netbook….but erlier versions were better. only thing is they are no longer supported.

      1. Hi all, I’ve recently updated my Ubuntu to 12.04 LTS and its completely different to my old 10 and only updated because i was advised by a friend to do so.
        I am getting used to it although it seems so much less informative than the old sysytem
        and as time goes on i’m finding that many things have been taken away.
        I used to have loads of pictures in the “photos” folder on the home page and if i was away from the computer for more than a few minutes a slideshow would kick in and i’d come back to my computer to see my favouite photos and now this doesn’t happen aaaarrrrhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone tell me why? and if possible get my “slideshow” back???
        I’m no computer wizz but i’m no idiot either and have been on blogs and forums but just cant seem to get a slideshow to work so you lot are my last chance before i go over to apple as i gave up on windows years ago when i bought ( from ebay ) a signaturre series snare drum for my drum kit and kept the image, and within minutes that picture started replicating and was unstoppable until i lost all my photos and my computer basically crashed never to come back.
        My stepson bless him had a spare hard drive and installed it for me with linux and i’ve been using it ever since .
        I have my fingers crossed,
        Many thanks

  14. I totally agree, ubuntu 10.04 desktop is so much better than 11.04 or 12.04 or 13.04,
    those people waste time & make to make things get into shit …

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