chronic depth

i’m probably one of the few people of my generation
who didn’t play “one of these things is not like the other.”
once i proved to myself i could do it

what was the point?
give information on “accuracy”
of made up categorization
from those who are inaccurate?

when i would spot the inaccuracies
it just made me mad

that type of categorization is done
to manipulate perception of objects
into like-minded delegations

(if more people miss a particular one
it will indicate a need for greater
classification to cement manipulative

to be clear
we didn’t get seseme street
only the houses that could afford uhf
got seseme street

but i was able to get it in
once in awhile

watched my sister delight herself
with picking the “right” object each time …

while i was judging how far
the makers were going
measuring exactly how limited
the creators of those puzzles


according to the stop
they called “right”


on into continuum …. the constant nature required for a bifurcated view
creates its own exponential defeat.

one of these things is not like the other

*****************************i weigh every intelligence i meet

do you know how easy it is to make a puzzle no one can solve?
do you know how easy it is, to decide what type of computation you wish to praise,
and create for it winning factors within any puzzle or game?

do you know what segregated means?

do you know that my grandma mailed me a thesaurus

i ‘forgot’ it in a move

and did crosswords and some word games online instead

…………………….but what i really did, was resent that it meant more to her how i said something, than what i was saying. she didn’t get it.

when arrows try and convict you of insanity, the last thing a marksman wants is proof of rational choices.

how do we find our answers?
rational insanity means action is smarter than design

and serving balance indicates that it always was.

i did what i could
to show you that you didn’t need to care about me for me to care about you

…………..doesn’t mean i have to continue to care about you
when you care about me
AFTER proving myself 20 times over

if i do so, that’s called ‘grace’

because there’s no redemption
the boat sailed

i’m on the other shore

*walks off whistling ‘one of these things is not like another’*


it’s not about being the best.


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