this is the sort of thing that confuses me.  my grandmother, god rest her soul, would use an ice pick to poke little teeny holes in the top of a can of milk.  by the second day those holes were plugged and you’d have to scratch at them with your fingernails.  she would poke a second hole on the other side, to allow the vent so it doesn’t create a suction to stop the flow.

first, i would try poking the holes deeper, but that only goes so far since the width of an ice pick is pretty narrow.  i finally figured a method where i could pull down hard on the ice pick after poking the hole, opening up a larger gap.  considered myself really bright for that one.

NOW, as i take the can opener and zip open a gash in the top that doesn’t require two holes and doesn’t get plugged up …… i wonder why she couldn’t think of just cutting a gap with a can opener.  why i grew up with the two-hole dummy method.  why i didn’t look farther.  it think of the teaching, the plotting, mechanics of engineering…..

when they say it’s time to think outside of the box, they mean it!  but maybe it’s getting out of the box that’s the important part, so you still need the box.  🙂


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