to cross the veil

  1. many don’t even know what right and wrong is.
  2. their leaders have dictated it as specifics.
  3. rather than deterministic values that balance choices according to the well-being of the one and the many.
  4. OR the brain pan and genetic development have retrograded to the point
    that calculation of that balance is non-possible.
  5. though the tendency appears to be
    a following;
  6. where deterministic values are delegated to one source, rather than individually determined.
  7. and choice of that/those one sources are made in accordance to their VARIANCE
  8. from CURRENT dictated values,
  9. therefore limiting change to an extent that the process itself is a wrong,
  10. proving to be detrimental to the well-being of the whole.
  11. depression and morose occurrences are epidemic,
  12. because in limiting the variance of change in values, the resulting causality induces a circling of response around choices that KEEP current practices not only the same, but limited in number.
  13. they call it “custom” and call it “good.” but it is the nail in the coffin;
  14. the deadening of reaction to environment that creates an exponentially scaled “survival of the fittest” that is anything BUT natural in its scope.
  15. simply a deterministic value between creation of obstacles and individualistic ability to overcome them.
  16. quantitatively, the process from points 2 and 3 give rise to a FACTOR: the creation of obstacles will ALWAYS excel over any abilities within individuals to overcome CREATED adversity.
  17. AND the circling tendency of those battling adversity ensures a lowered propagation rate for those who might have genetic keys to escaping the latest manifestation of this causality loop.
  18. eventually the occurrence of higher-minded individuals will lesson, creating a boredom in those custom-tailoring adversity to their pleasure.
  19. directions then for hazard increase to levels that oppress entire populations until most members are operating without what we call “common sense.” the ability to deterministically alter response.
  20. increasing the brain size and nutrition could be an answer, but i don’t know where the linear progression is going to come out/from on the path of causality. and of course, their could be variances between the ones listed here.
  21. the release of dictated values can only be an experimental operation at this point, and the tendency ACCORDING to dictated understanding(parable), is that less social parameters leads to a complete and unredeaming drug-based culture, where a greater percentile of population is altering their ACCEPTANCE of reality, rather than actively changing environmental parameters.
  22. not sure knowing the problem is going to help.
  23. however, due to the near-exponential rate of social deterioration generation from generation, the steep of that curve increased by consumer-driven parameters of dictate ……………. it can be surmised that anything is better than the outcome delivered by this path.
  24. by hook or by crook. basically the guliver’s travel, of the little men ganging up and being able to overcome the bigger man. the rule of the little man as a top or pyramid capstone, that ensures a dispensing of reactionary principles from one source that may or may not be better faculty. the imposed modes of this method in every variance, throughout the lifestyle of every individual in this culture: a “proof” of sort, that the pyramid-dictate manner of rule “works.”
  25. the breakthough today has been #2: their leaders have dictated it as specifics.
  26. attempting then, to dictate value according to MODE, is STILL dictate. and you simply have NEW circles charted within the old, where smaller grouping then look for immediate ‘leaders’ to interpret those dictated modes according to their best outcome within that community. ie: are given the mode “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” then the ‘local’ interpreter (what generally stands as the religious faction) decides how to apply that mode, and many sub-modes develop. “finish your plate, there are people starving in India.” often these submodes refute each other in outcome of directive (choices) … resulting in a general discourse for every community.
  27. response to THAT discourse, has been to strengthen religious dictate, the interpretation-factor of given modes, to larger and more ruthless bodies. then incorrect ‘course’ is delegated as ‘sin’ and punishable by not only death, but eternal torture. and then we have the repeal of that through a reverse-logic mechanism that leaves populations in LESS deterministic skill levels for choices (ie, common sense.)
  28. in that, populations heavily oppressed via religious dictate, will be inherently susceptible to other-nation invasion, and you have the destabilizing factor there that is termed “war.”
  29. “nations” are the smaller bodies and branchings of this dictate(law) that in countries such as the United States, modes are painstakingly interpreted to the nth degree: as in fine tuned and fine tuned to their complete and most utter dictation. they are then numerically coded and set as a means of eliminating those who prefer to, if not CREATE their own mode, at the least INTERPRET given modes to their own best advantage as an individual.
  30. value for any citizen is given upon a display of consistency. one method to determine consistency and relegate compliance, is a calibration via metering the movement of any stationary body (consistency) to a patterned repetition (beat). these metered element is then personified as a deification, and called “time.”
  31. value for consistency, the ability to “get to work ON TIME.” which is actually a consistency to follow dictate. to NOT follow dictate is deemed as a wrong, and commonly classified as “childish.” therefore to not be within standards of dictate via the deity “time” is to be removed from adult standing within communities.
  32. phrases such as “you master time.” “there is time for this” …… etc …….. all fall into previous and known historical patterns for a degenerative process in false deification (sun worship).
  33. looking to the element of pain.
  34. in some ways, this is an ACTUAL social disease, where the mode or understanding of that term — “social disease” — has been interpreted and solidified in dictate to mean “a pathogenic infection passed solely by the action of coitus.”
  35. there is definitely the appearance of indications that a higher mind once did exist in the development of adequate modes, but the interpretation of those modes was done by what can only be classified as “fools.”
  36. and of course, my hypothesis is that mode-type delivering of dictate(parable and story-telling), has proved to be inadequate. taken to ITs nth degree, in the mass production and distribution of stories through movie and television ……….. the problems of the disease itself only become more apparent to each community member. they can note the patterned convergence of what should not be converging, in the interpretation of dictated mode. (many movies and shows following the construct of universal dictate, while create a predictive pattern.)
  37. and as well, those modes in that form (in sub-set) are interpreted in differing manner by smaller groupings and communities, and then more stories are made in a “battling” of logistics through the application of story (parable-relevance).
  38. and then the tendency of what we call “the sheep” is to process few to several interpretations and determine their validity, but only for the sole purpose of NOT processing interpretations, but rather to then “trust” another source of interpreted mode.
  39. you “decide” on a leader, or religion, or a breakfast cereal. the bad fallout from ALL of those mimics, is extremely telling to the degenerative nature of the process itself. increases due to consumer levels in exponential (point 12?) are then creating “panic” or a type of fear, which then THAT fear has entered into the course as a version of consistency, and all who do NOT displays social signs of unrest (fear), are listed to be excised from the whole.
  40. the desire is implanted, to re-structure all individual revelation into modes which are subject to interpretation. telling examples and stories rather than just saying what you mean. ie: “it’s a scorcher today!” rather than “i am hot and sweaty.” the displacement and focus on the CAUSE, is a form of dictate. you might be hot and sweaty because you are wearing too many clothes, for example.
  41. i am not sure an awareness of the patterns is going to help in the formation of a viable progress to ensure optimal social conditions and PHYSICAL modes of progressive genetic consequence. could/can adequately determine that modes of SOCIAL development are hindering and in many cases thwarting physical development.
  42. the increase in numbers of medical facilities, that indicate an increase in malady. current interpretations of mode will state that those degenerations are due to problematic elements of industrial production. however, variances might be noted within shifts to more “natural” nutrition and/or slightly better dictate regarding physical maintenance. if medical facilities continue to increase in number and need, are still looking at problematic tendencies or causality via social dictate.
  43. so the goal, is to develop a new master mode, that precludes dictate ….. reverting all to individualistic determinations. (ie: choice). no, that has proven ineffective, (point 21?) the degeneration into drug culture when done partly at a time. the inevitable establishment of even GREATER statured dictate if groupings break to develop their own ‘nations’ or ‘religions.’
  44. there appears to be a semi-stasis within the nth-degree manufacturing of LAW ….. though that only appears to produce a causality of greater unrest and need for individual ‘choice’ …. which then creates a confusion between direction and habit. ‘habit’ determined as a ‘bad’ and all daily activity falling to micro-managing choice. do i have the bran today, or is this a day for lucky charms?
  45. whereas the habit for choice in waking times would be advantageous, and preclude the need for “immediate awake” which is then fulfilled by a habit, such as coffee. have to come alive enough to start making decisions, because not enough matter is being relegated to habit.
  46. habit is predictable, therefore inherently a weakness among enemies … and you have the weakness of religious-bodies to invasion (point 28?), with their inner workings then also counter-acting that outer weakness with an abandoning of inner weakness of habit.

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