there is no doubt in my mind
that religious worship is a shadow
a reflection and continuance of Lord-worship
the bow to the king
the payment to the landlord
the request for favors from the Lord of the Manor


in some small way
i imagine the thought is that we are free
you are free
and to prevent any earthly Lord, we will fill the spot with a heavenly one


out of reach
no possibility of being conquered
never dies
no worry on who gets the throne


EXCEPT – the Lords of dictate
are then a church body
giving instructions and methods
manners of being and living
how to be a “good!” Christian


so there is an earthly Lord
for the dictate


you still address your requests to the heavenly Lord
and the mind is a funny varmit that will create its own realities
framed around every explanation that is comfortable
every miracle that is provident


there is no doubt in my mind
that religion is the continuance of Lord-worship despite
the presence of democracy
that Lord worship is attractive to many, because it absolves
them of responsibility;  the church made me do it!
one for all and all for stupidity


they built and lived in castles
to protect them from their own people
LEADERS:  that live in forts because they are not
of your tribe, no …….. have moved in to conquer
to rule and take
live in luxury on the backs of the sweating poor


that’s what a Lord truly is and does:


whatever is up in heaven ……… what’s up there?

……………………………………………i think i hear it sigh a lot






2 Replies to “test-amen-t”

  1. My mom has this sign over one of her doors:

    God: “Don’t make me come down there!”

    🙂 I think you’re right and Heaven sighs all the time at us. But surely we can make it smile, too, right?

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