stradegy for the unpredictable soldier

it’s not how spectacular your moves are
it’s how far ahead you can play the game

trump yourself and you know you have keys
it only takes one move

for the puppetmaster
to become the mastered puppet

ordered to its own dance of predictability
……on a string

your friend hits the wall
to make you jump
you find out what preceeds THAT
a consistency
find out why they want you to jump

like you watered your lawn that day
it floods their driveway and makes them mad
so they hit the wall to make you jump

then you have a key
to make THEM hit a wall whenever you want

complicated to the power of 5000

two steps forward
one step back
the crass, the stonecold
and simple … sees farther ahead
than any icecold depth of precise cruelty

ONE move! one! just one move ahead
and the predictability is reversed
two moves and it reverses again
three moves forward …

and you are dancing on the string
of the minds greater than yours

three moves forward
one step back … our parents had us play
shutes and ladders
it’s insanity
our God is insane by definition
forgot to factor the zero
“Cipher in the Snow”
the bow does not break, it bends

two steps back
three steps forward

one move
and no desire to rule

my grandma kept a garden that was free
……….it made the best mud pies in the world


3 Replies to “stradegy for the unpredictable soldier”

  1. Lovely pics. As for being that many moves ahead…it’s so tricky, because then you end up second-guessing yourself if faced with an unpredictable move by the other person. It sounds kind of like manipulation. But sometimes it’s a trick in and of itself just to stay current with one move, if that makes any sense (i.e. treading water).

    1. it’s manipulation …. and i honestly don’t know how to live in a world of manipulators without returning in kind. mostly my way, is like if there is a game of seeing how far you can shove someone’s head into the mud —– i dig a ten foot hole, bury them upside down in it and jump up and down on the heap screaming “who’s next????”

      i don’t like manipulation. 🙂

  2. oh and thanks ………… am not a big wildflower fanatic, but sometimes the light is just right. hopefully someday i’ll get a really good digital camera. i have one that’s better than the phone, but it runs on AA batteries and major pain to keep a charge.

    running through batteries that fast, you feel like you should be digging in a copper mine in China as a penance …..

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