i don’t know
if you don’t have dignity, you can’t lose it.

but i don’t know if that’s a good argument for not having dignity.

funny world we live-in
the difference between sane and not-sane
the hopes we have.

i just know sometimes i know exactly the right thing to do

because i don’t want to do it.

yet i will force myself to overcome my fears, and make the gesture. do what’s right.

in a scientific sense, that could be anything introducing a motivational factor.
to assume it is right or correct, might be a foolish thing to do.

but there are several pivotal moments in my life, where i decided to make a difference.

nothing huge.

a gift of flowers here. a note there. an offer where it was needed.

non-repetetive pattern creating repetition after repetition,
like we are on the inside of something that is collapsing from a multiplying disease.

have to give quietly, not look for stature when performing duty
the necessary
every feel-good news story mocks the quiet giver;
acts for the sake of the act itself.

knowing what you are supposed to do —maybe that comes from above. maybe that comes from below.

we all fall into patterns;
lives most comfortable when a day repeats.

hearts most worthy when they open to other possibilities,
to own the door.

fear belongs to the imagination of those guarding the status quo;
believing to commit to choice means to live in constant fear

intimidated by possibilities for the wrong choice,
the paradoxically defined sin:

but trepidation of death only lives in those anticipating or looking on.

the rest are too busy,
doing the necessary and owning their mistakes.
there is no shame to honest effort getting bad results;
discoveries of right and wrong

though for me, it’s more like discovering the necessary and the not-needed.

if you don’t have any dignity, you can’t lose it.
humble is no coward and passion is no crime:

the wise may not see all ends,
but the smart know they are there.


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