to the jollies

behind her back
hands behind her back
any man who thinks they had the strength
to match this woman
is a fool that walks into fire
telling himself how pretty the flames are this time of year

what is an accolite?
an accolade?

she studied under a Russian, you know
said by the time she was done
had taught him a thing or two

not to hit the legs with a stick,
for one
the stick the voice
the CRACK of command!  oh … i have doubts in my life
but none on this

tied behind her back
hands behind her back
you would be toast

funny thing is i never had problem with command
if dispensed FAIRLY … therefore i am the tell
my objection shows the view – unequivically
that an unfairness exists

it’s funny
one day
she told me to do the vacuuming
we had the canister you had to drag all over the house,
she NEVER used it
only me and my sister … she used the dust mop

but WE …. we got this modern marvel of how to frack someone
harder than hard
make the cord pull out, but with needed strength and skill
to yank it just so to go back in its hole

like you are pulling the intestines out of an animal
over and over
shoving them back in …

plugging them to the wall
sucking up dust

they even had the Flinstones!  haha …. laughing
laughing at the one left to vacuum, no maids
or no kids

i learned all i could
on the matting principles of HAIR
(those metal tubes were a task to endure)

and she asked me
she told me to vacuum;  i STORMED to the closet
swearing every G*d da*n step of the way
letting her HAVE it

i yanked the demon from its cage!  stormed the house,
gave her the end
the result.  and she KNEW ……………….

that vacuum was DONE
WE were done

what is endurance?  mine never ended.
it was she that failed
no command will endure
that is foolish or hurtful, of the nature to its own
selfish desire

i had no trouble spotting the blind
(no blind to lead the blind)
because the blind were everywhere!
you could almost count on it
to where polar opposites became ALMOST as
as truth

growing …. growth

at some point
in teenage years the hark will BEGIN to
the factors of the whole

that is why i stormed
because it was my sister’s turn to vacuum
but she had convinced the motherload
that i was better at the job ….

the squeaky wheel gets the grease?
no, the better wheel gets the work

if it doesn’t squeak
it dies a little each day
shrivels up into the hatred
that is then used to break all
in key points

places where someone is just having a good day,
throw a nasty person at them

behind her back
she could take you with hands behind her back …

think of what EYE can do ….
with hands, free.

i stormed down
up one side down the other
she knew my anger
she knew i would not bother
if it weren’t for HER mistake

the middle man
‘do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain’
i never could understand
why you all were worshiping sh*t
and f*cking

but collect your sh*t in white bowels
float it pretty
before sending it to its Valhalla

and the worship of Coitus
done on an alter, no less!  the beds are now alters
and the scene is set
to showcase the Man and his Gods ………..

i swore her up oneside and down the other
i vacuumed
stormed out of the house
drove myself to the beach
and saw how long the road was ahead

that night, i tried to kill myself with cold medicine
just ended up with the biggest fracking headache of my life
pounding …………. i gripped my skull and screamed for hours ….
the door locked

i put the locks on the doors myself
only way to keep my sister from stealing from me ……….

i screamed
when it was over
i had dinner with the family

we all agreed headaches sucked
and grandma never asked me to vacuum ever again

but she got jobs for me in town
vacuuming other houses
cleaning mess after mess for money
to her friends
to her enemies
to her gang …. sold around and around

i cleaned.
because you let them think
they are just that smart as you pat them on the head ….

i was never as cruel
but could see well enough there was no point


the opposite of winning only happens when you look far enough ahead to see failure
so you have to look farther.

behind her back
behind her back …. you would be toast


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