statues and forever

i think it’s important to just try to be good to each other. work to find and make room for smiles. and if i were king, i would toss every reward system out with the garbage. rewards–what a thought. ever try that with kids? effective, but then the candy gives them diabetes.

no — if you dispense fairness, the children will love you without persuasion. if you protect them, they will understand that you are on their side. and if you make every reward what they work for themselves — they will understand that their work is a reward.

frack any deity that revolves on reward systems. we’ve seen that work really well with the suicide bombers. you are promised heaven? no… no cake for anyone. you ALL go to bed without dessert. eternal LIFE, is for those who wish to enact eternal TORTURE on their fellow man. that is ALL it is.

period. end of sentence. end of story. have you EVER thought what it would be like, to have the formula to make man live forever. i’m not talking some magical fountain, i’m talking biologically determining elements of degeneration — to the extent that you could starve a person and THEY WOULD NOT DIE.

you could inject them, lock them in a cell for ETERNITY …. and let them starve and not die.

that is how to create hell for someone — and it doesn’t leave others in ‘heaven.’ because FEAR is not heaven.

so then you are offered the ABSTRACT IDEA of a heaven that goes to the “sky” … after a natural death. tons of fun. frack them, frack the reward. if you are only good to your fellow man because you believe in rewards, then YOU are part of the problem. YOU are the one who wants eternity to effectively torture others. YOU are the WEAK animal that CURSED your own kind.

fracky rack ….. realities of what we own. you own yourself. IF you think you do NOT have consequence, smash an egg on the counter and tell yourself that again.

because that consequence is there to be good to each other. to find and make room for smiles.

don’t worry about TIME, don’t fret yourself on the WHIP …. because you will have all the time you need. in HEAVEN. after you are DEAD. so let us continue placing time on you HERE. the WHIP on you HERE. so basic, that the Babylonians are the ones who figured it out. the way to enslave without really having the manpower.

it is just too fracking convenient.

so when i see someone speaking on reward, how we are rewarded ……that ‘God is a god that rewards you LATER ….. that ‘God’ is a god who punishes you NOW. oh …. but it’s the ‘devil’ who punishes you now. and then you get punished more LATER, IF you don’t opt for being bad now so you can be here but then rewarded later by whatever would decide in the first place that keeping ANY creature alive for eternity to torture them is a good thing.

do you understand? do you comprehensively stand? KINGS had one problem with their punishment/reward system. they could NOT torture a creature, be it a dog or a cow or a human …. without killing it. not the BEST torture. the kind that produces those screams that just makes them jism in their pants. and they could not create a strong enough deterrent with that, to prevent the will of the freeman.

if anything, the lesson of Christ is that torture is an endurance. and the strong can do that, too. BUT, those stuck in theological sub-straights of the time — translated as this: that is very last torture. now that pay for us.

the ROMANS …. inherited a legacy of punishment/reward system that worked according to FEAR that humans would be made into statues, for AN ETERNAL TORTURE. that is my own conclusion… but it’s a safe bet. the ultimate con. you can’t show them the person you have tortured forever, because they died in like the first month. so you make a statue, say you froze them for eternity. BUT, the Roman government slowly dispensed with Greek theology and changed directions. rule by punishment and reward was seen as something you didn’t want to be doing TO YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

then we have the process of “crossing” someone …. was to prove to those peoples that if they are nailed and immobilized, they die. it was an instruction upon their physiology. because for ages, have been brought to believe those in power had the power for eternal torture. where was torturing being done? in strongholds, locked out of sight. WHERE any monarch, could make the people believe that they could keep you alive for eternity and torture you for eternity. you bet they did that …. all you would have to do is torture a few SOME, let them go. and you’re set.

but despite the intellectual revolution, we still have the conclave remaining that PREFERS to rule by punishment and reward. AND that does not work on the freeman. except by applying FEAR first, and then reducing to the dependence upon abstract principles of reward and punishment. the humble or simple minded are then remanded to states of FEARING punishment, and the educated or mindful are remanded to states of craving REWARD.

it’s all highly entertaining.

but we have the Romans, and their changing government to a Republic — a joining of people. how are they to teach these believers in eternal-torture (actually physical eternal life in torture) …how to dispense with that ignorance? put the torture on the hill …. with tried and convicted prisoners (similar to how we try criminals today) AND so became a lesson on DEATH, to those people who lived under contemplations of eternal torture. to show them that torture does NOT and CANNOT last eternally. that you will die.

but what does OZ do then … to keep the con?

oh …. but we don’t! we DON’T die! we have the one who DID live ….. and therefore the punishment, and HELL …. is REAL. fun stuff.

when you go into a church, observing frown after frown … it is the one with no work, at the top — making no-work go down the line to spread more misery. nothing useful to do, all stuck. even to the extent that they forgot their own system is made of laws they can CHANGE to better serve their people. but they sleep, and let the ones who only wish to fetter people, change the laws.

i have studied the psychology, and have decided that if you can’t make work its own reward, then you don’t deserve work. and if you have decided you get a heaven, because you have shirked your work while remanding it to hell …… to eternal torture because golly gee that’s how you would treat your fellow man. maybe you all should make a game show where you get to stab each other and smile at the screams. makes about as much sense as “i am waiting for my reward in heaven.” same psychology, same root. same bad egg.

i really don’t care what any of you want to believe. but i know the difference between MEAN and KIND. the good Lord … any good lord will limit the breeding and spread of mean-minded creatures, rule by letting work be its own reward. and strengthen families so that desperate men and women have support systems and don’t feel so overwhelmed. so prone to level curses and hatred on others.

it is a sad day, when you wish someone else to eternal torture. because those who truly find it in their hearts, WILL create ways and efforts to torture HERE and NOW. the DESIRE is there … and precludes justice. the cycle will self-perpetuate, because the only JOY left to those with no-work, is to harm others in a very specific psychology of “defeat creates its own company.” misery loves company …except there’s no love about it.


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