singular bounce

this night i am weary
the floor cleaned
and inspected

the sink cleaned
and inspected

the dishes each cleaned
and inspected

to run the gamut
i always carved my own path
seems so

the greater movement on the outside
where no tie can place its finger

what do you want?
they are dumb — stupid down to their
ideas on birth
on everything, if it’s not twisted
holds crap i don’t want to deal with

fracked beyond fracking
right up there
with the champion self-whippers

so what do you want?
be nice, wait … do.

hold my own, survive and pray example is enough?
they can’t see – even the twisting has made
observation fall into patterns
of decided origin rather than explored root

and worst is have confused ‘secret’ with knowledge
have confused ‘secret’ with complex understandings
have confused ‘secret’ with self-awareness
have confused ‘secret’ with competence

thinking ‘secret’ demonstrates all these things
passing stones along a chain
instead of from the center

eh ……… i talk to YOU and them
it is taxing

what am i to do?
really see no hope it would take an army
and still no turn around for this course

validated in their stupidity
convinced intelligence is something they display
like long hair or short lifespans

i suppose i could ask to not be bitter
stuck in my own disdain
forever hating to circle the problem

you never had confidence in me
but neither did i


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