logics paralleled

  1. i don’t believe in life after death
    because i see no positive
  2. to any
  3. think! i am not of the arrogance
    to believe the life of ANY spirit
    after a loved one’s death
    is dependent on ME — on me believing
  4. the reality will be there or not
  5. regardless of my conviction; but me
    here, now
  6. to worship death as those living are
    LESS than those gone?
  7. no
    frack that
  8. life is for the LIVING
    it has always been so
  9. possible plus
    is a shallow comfort on death
    a reduction of emotive pain
    possible minus
    is a lack of fear
    of death and your own quick DEMISE
    non-caring for LIFE and your own progeny;
    non-caring for your own state;
    non-caring within the soaked elements of slavery;
    non-caring that you are not free — never free;
    all telling you that DEATH is freedom
    for one small plus of emotive relief?
    raw deal
    so i will take the minus on that, if you don’t mind …
    remand my fear death, while caring for all things
    it is the path of least damage
  10. my dead are gone to me
    i carry no weight
  11. but the knowledge love is gone
  12. sorry you cannot SEE
  13. why do you think we play peek-a-boo?
  14. stupids
    something doesn’t stop being there
    if you close your eyes

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