down the road

you want people to start riding the bus

taking the train

yet …


it is late Sunday afternoon

i am trying to get home after a day downtown



i ride the train to my connection

at 33rd

have my headphones on

trying to picture myself home already



as the train pulls into the station

i see the 33rd bus is THERE!

omg, i have to hurry

i know that they only run every hour

on Sunday


i miss the bus

and it means an hour wait

in the sun … no shade for the benches






a man accosts me

as i try to tap off before rushing over the tracks


apparently he followed me off the train

like a hound

like a dog

like he thought i was rushing to run

from a hound

a dog … he might have called for me to stop

i did not hear — must have whispered


this man accosts me while i’m tapping my card

he SEES me tap my card


it is a train-ticket person

suppose to make you feel secure


he held me up

i stood there crying ….. sobbing!

saying PLEASE!  my bus …. it is there …. i will miss the bus!





he stood smug

kept running my card on his machine

saying it wasn’t working

for some reason


i say let me tap it again

then maybe it will work

he says no

they will charge you again


which it would NOT

is this even a real worker?

he doesn’t know that it goes by TIME

not how many times you tap?


this MAN

dogged me off the train

in his mind a catch?  i don’t know

i had tapped on, downtown





the MAN finally lets me go

at HIS pleasure

he still can’t get a read on my card

but finally asks


“what bus?”

i point

the bus is RIGHT there

you would have to be daft to miss it!


he remarks

as a snot:  “have a nice day”

no apology

no courtesy ….




i rush to my bus all the harder



i made the trip to town after church

was in a dress

my best jewelry


and to be accosted like that

until i was crying …


i yelled over my shoulder

“i hope YOU have a lousy day!”

i saw him talking with another MAN

happy in whatever plot


to bother one lone woman

on a train …..






i was repairing my mind

spending the day looking UP

at the skyscrapers


and your MAN destroyed my healing



i cannot redress the loss

except to say …………




really?  this is how you intend

to get more cars off the road?  really?

who wants to ride a train at this rate?


where a woman traveling alone

is made to feel set upon ….


if i was carrying a backpack

if i was in jeans

or had tattoos ….?


in a DRESS

a small purse

my back brace





i found myself waving my arms

while complaining to the bus driver

like a mad Italian!

the bus driver smiled and agreed, crazy!


a passenger leaned forward

said …. “yep, they just work to harass you.”


i do not understand

do you want people taking mass transit or not?

seriously …. or is it just for show


i am angry AGAIN

just in writing this! 

to be accosted … a lone woman



trying to get HOME





and held

against my will

until i am sobbing

“let me catch my bus!  it is right THERE!

crying …tears and tears …. “you will make me miss my bus!”


he smiled

smiled at my distress





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