considered pressure

  • the full of the pain
    a consortium of misery
  • to find
    pull out
    remain content
  • why do you hurt me so?
    am i wrong to ask?
  • there is no end
    have to maintain complete diligence
    every minute
  • no rest for the wicked
    how do i get classified as bad?
  • my biggest crime
    to try and try and try
    to pound walls with a harder and harder head
  • to send my all to every end
    curl it back
    wish to keep all to some better
    even if that’s not so good now
  • dancing into the future
    but never to a beat
    NEVER to someone else on the deciding end
    of destiny
  • why do you make it more difficult?
    is there any good to prove over and over again
  • the fact that providence won’t give up
    that giving up is NOT dependent on the weight
  • it is dependent on one thing: the value of all things
  • because the day belongs

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