teacher’s pet

duck duck goose is the study of random numbers for children …. all sit in a circle, one child walks around outside going “duck!” as tap the other’s head. then the one they PICK, screams “goose!” ……… and run like heck. game is to get into that person’s spot back around the circle after they leave it. you kinda always win.

if you’re the child who manages to reclaim their seat, you never get to be the one to pick who goes next. i tried it …. no fun that way. of course you get the kids who decide to ruin it all and just walk around the circle instead of try the chase. n yea, at my school we had a lot of quitters.

it’s very good for random numbers, because a child will note how many times they didn’t get picked, in a relevance to popularity. and it shows the pecking order patterns straight up. lutherans train their teachers to then follow the same pecking order. i thought there had to be something in the water, until got a substitute for a year who had real reactions. boy it was nice to drink deeply from the fountain after that.

due to the accident and death of my parents, had been moved away from any and all friends at my old school … and landed in the lutheran school where i was really not up to the role of playing the ‘new kid who tries harder’ after losing my folks. in those days, they didn’t send you to therapy, just tossed you like a sack of meat–and you really do get the feeling that you might as well have died along with the rest of your family.

going then onto public highschool, was so happy to have reactive teachers, that i instantly became teacher’s pet in every classroom. and my peers once again decided to leave me out of their social circles. the english teacher in public high school was a gem … only pic in our yearbook of me is the back of my head with him pointing his finger and yelling playfully.

i tried out being the ‘popular’ kid at camp during those gradeschool years–by ganging up with a french exchange student. wasn’t all that fun … had made an original craft project and then everybody copied the design and was wearing the same bracelet. took a lot of thinking at that point. and between the kumbyha’s, i decided some fundamentals.

apparently my introspection was attractive and one of the boy’s counselors started hounding the daylights out of me, but that’s another story.

so on the next sent-to-camp event, i ganged up with an equally beautiful blond model–she even got the cover a few times. but we both ended up on the outside, though in the setting of beach camp that turned out to be a good thing. i had a better time, and have a complete memory from one moment as she and i walked back from Malibu up the sidewalk hills. a complete memory is when you can just put yourself there again, like nothing. complete memories do not fade over time.

direction is a funny thing. you look at how the rivers map themselves to gravity and depth … the sprigs and twigs of life. and you look at how our bodies do the same … in the branching of the blood vessels, the sprigs and twigs of life. maybe gravity isn’t something that acts ON us, maybe it is something IN us. the dance that moves with creation.

doesn’t mean humans have to move in constant opposition to each other. you do the duck, duck, goose. i always thought it was much, much better than musical chairs.


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