i think when other people try to understand me
i get confused
by my wanting to be
what i think they want to see

then i ask myself who i AM
it never works out well ….

sometimes i tell myself
life would have been better
if i had decided on a FRONT

picked out a persona
a thing to call myself
a group
a way to think

it might leave you more room to move
no one has you pegged, then
the real HIDDEN
held well in
strung out only on holidays
as part of a marketing scheme

i always thought it was a good idea to be kind
now i’m not so sure

walked on
taken to the cleaners
called a fool — though never one
fighting for every stick of any courtesy

but if i go mean now, i’ll invent a whole new form of bastard

sometimes you go quietly into the night
sometimes you stroll off whistling … finding out
the moon is just as good a guide


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