Creation verses Big Bang and Who Cares?

any model of reconstruction we create is NOT creation … it is man’s idea on what creation-is. so deconstructing and reconstructing creation is in reality a construction only, with each man that does it patting himself on the back for the workings of his own mind. (which are also a part of creation). i agree that there have come good use, such as tensile strengths for building materials and such. but i myself see each ‘new’ discovery as proof that we don’t see at all.

now that might be ignorance on my part in the realm of physics, because when i see a flim flammer i don’t bother myself with listening to what else he has to say. but i DO understand biology, and from what i gathered, we do NOT have a replacement for sunshine. as in nada, nichts, nothing. they last tried some new formulas for vitamin D in space …. and i gather it failed since they shut down the space program after that. man CANNOT colonize space. will die … no matter the food, no matter the water, no matter the matter. because this is where the sun hits at the precise distance for the precise amount of sunshine your body needs to live. artificial light of all sorts does not deliver the same wave-combinations only available in real sunlight.

so you watch the world slowly turn to realities of trade and conglomerations of working together rather than fostering disagreement. and i pray every day that we find the paths to give our children’s children the same opportunity to grow and understand their surroundings in the most gracious way possible. this is the day the Lord has made.

i am not a religious person — though am on the rosters of four of our major bodies. i hold every person to have the right to their own comprehension of reality. however, there are some definitive things. one is that mass-perceptions WILL be assumed to be correct, because there is agreement upon those understandings. that does not make them correct. they may or may not be correct. but they are definitely not an assured correctness. therefore one cannot disparage any singular perception as incorrect based upon its divergence from the mass perception.

the other definitive thing, is that unless you know how much you don’t know … you will always think you know everything. man’s capacity for arrogance is right up there …. generally in a direct reverse-correlation to his competence. when the day is done …. how a friend of mine so beautifully put it — you answer the door and serve up a nice pitcher of iced tea. we are not judged by our piety. we are judged by the smiles on the faces of those we meet.

there are three types of people:

design-dogs = live and let live
copy-cats = are not living
and flim-flammers = do NOT let live

flim-flammers make armies out of the copy-cats, and flim-flam on huge scales. pepto-bismal, anyone?

only problem with that is combine it with putting the copy-cats into a TV induced hypnotic sleep, and you have a non-reactive individual ripe to be outed from their home.

we have gotten so used to forsale signs on front lawns, that it ceased to be an oddity. remember in the 70’s when it was an oddity? the buzz went around town that so and so was selling their house. now it’s like business as usual. the flim-flammers stepped in then as agents … because selling your house on your own is made difficult by that group of agents. you know, the seagulls working to get the pickings off someone else’s catch. except in this case, it’s someone else’s hard work. backs are scratched, kickbacks are contracted. THEN the agents work to up the pricing and up the pricing until it takes TWO humans working to afford going into debt most of their lives to pay for one home.

THEN the children are free to watch TV all day and become properly programmed.

oh well …………… less TV, anyone? the computers are what will save our generation and …. everything. next time you hear the old fogies at church complaining about the computers and how they don’t “get” it …. you know, the engraved pomposity that financially have made it so the transition is down to a crawl ………. look at them really hard. you’ll see the sweat.

and by the way, building statues is not so much a form of worship as it is a deterrent. there is a reason greek and roman statues were carved to be so life-like. don’t do as we say, and we’ll freeze you in stone just like Zeus there. that’s what we do anyone who tries to be ‘god’ … rise above the earthly rule. how that turned into ‘be LIKE the statues – like the models – like the images. i’m not sure.

one of the theories for the pragmatic nature of the women of the western U.S. – is that they left their mirrors behind. the big mirrors were the first household items to be thrown out to lighten the load. even in the prarie areas and that trek … while glass was hard to come-by. they used and made shutters.

the mirror …. medusa. the romans …. the normans. the combination of normans with italians and then subsequent invasion of europe all over again. the ganging of italians here into the mafia. the ganging of the jews into the media. the ganging of gangs into gangs. i’m just thinking outloud here, don’t mind me. “go out and make deciples of ALL nations.” the anti-thesis to imperialism. and they’re all flim-flammers. dear god help us.

put the horse in charge of the cart and now the apples are all over the road.


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