Carbon Steel cleans with lemon juice

  1. now …. carbon steel is a few beats closer to cast iron than stainless steel. the advice for “curing” a carbon steel pan by baking oil into it, i find to be incorrect.
  2. at that rate, why don’t you just paint the inside of your cookware with floorvarnish. because that’s what baked oil is.
  3. scrub with salt …. or a scrub sponge or steel wool. soak in lemon juice … about 1/2 cup to a full pan of water. less lemon, soak it longer. dry.
  4. rub with a non-sticky oil, like peanut oil. lightly …. rub out excess with paper towel while pan is slightly warmed on stove.
  5. and that makes for a nice cooking surface, one where iron and other minerals can still make their way into your food.
  6. if it is sticky to the touch, that means you used a sticky oil.  grapeseed oil, for example, leaves it sticky instead of smooth and slick.

the pan above was used to cook roast pork, squash, and corn … the way we irish cook. not spinning things around — actually cooking them. and it was a mess. i should have taken a before picture ….. and thing w/carbon steel is that you get the chemical stains. so even if you have it completely scrubbed clean, it will look like heck.

first, i boiled it in baking soda and salt water. wrong move! now the entire pan was black! and i’m not sure where the amonia smell came from …….. so instead of a base, i tried the acid in form of lemon juice. sort of had the sulfer smell like when polish silver.

but if you ‘season’ a pan it won’t rust

yes, if you leave water in the pan it will rust. any iron-type cookware is supposed to do that. that’s why you don’t leave water in them to dry. carbon steel is a little lighter, a little stronger than iron …. less brittle. and best thing of all?

you get to keep it. not throw away pan after pan, year after year because somebody’s idea of non-stick floorvarnish over aluminum …. was some way to cook. gets even funner when they sell the stainless steel pans, which are heck to clean …. for 10 times the price.

so you have to have the money to buy the stainless steel, AND have the money to buy a maid.

well ………. i didn’t want to throw out my scratched up non-stickers (and it doesn’t matter if you use plastic utensils. must be elves come in the night and dance on it!) but didn’t want to throw away and buy yet another set ……… you get tired. having to adapt, and having to adapt, and having to adapt.

found myself using my grandmother’s little frying pan — and i HATE that pan. don’t know if it’s aluminum or steel, has the copper bottom that you can NEVER get clean. unless you buy the cleaner so you can have it pretty. fracked either way.

and everything burns and sticks to it — unless you stand right by the stove every minute. i am NOT a stand by the stove every minute sort of person.

so in the reasonably priced pan, Joyce Chen — from Taiwan, i have found cookware that anyone with half a head can keep their whole life. i feel like the richest person on earth.


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