pop goes the dairy queens

women who frack with other women

who needs them?


i don’t know what kind of twisted mess
some bottom feeder male has to leave someone in
for them to hone in on any independent female
and work to frack with them …

is it a jealousy over the freedom?
is it ugly pieces of rotted orange
faced with hating anything that was ever a peach?
that ever had grace …

despising the foundations of dignity
that you find in real women …

women who frack other women
who needs them?
baseline idiots
glowing with their delusions of entitlement
while supporting those who dispense entitlement unfairly

i will always be a work horse
i will always plow the field
i will always tell those who don’t like me to go to hell

the moon is full, you know
maybe there’s some space on saturn.


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