pendulum burst

there are days i think the universe drips with evil

mostly the trepidation only generates fear

creates bubbles where silence will awaken with anxiety

rather than meterings of tension that crescendo over the course of the day

generally those times also start with a headache

the kind that begins at the base of your skull

and diffuses outward and upward …


so while there often rings a 60/40 chance that so much of reality is run by ill-intent

i choose to pretend that good men are in charge


then my physical being can rise to meet the day

with half a chance

of being part of the solution

rather than weighting the problems with despair


it’s not really fooling yourself (rose colored glasses don’t come cheap)

… more like

guessing within a realm of optimal outcome


sometimes you pad the stakes for any reasoned deliverance


Feedback always welcome

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