Creative – I change the rules!

i change the grid!
you can find competent circles
the drive of dearth

knotted, all to all
in standing
lone – the stand on one …

game the shuffle
mix the days

calibrate community
square unto squared
in shuffled pieces
played to FAIR

a little schooled
in wit to wit
can humorously fit
to remand from sun to sun

judge stardust by conclusion
begging your mind to keep
the strength in me

do not mess around
with greedy rationale

a goal to win
when to hesitate is to lose ….

so change the previso
despite decompensation

i beg you to note the course
and keep the words of many …
a rule is a promise to plotters
a rule is rast on form
branding man ‘norm’
a rule is e-regulations for encryption to
grow in circles, forming roads
repeated conquest will abstain
from repeated vision — laws that branch

as targets as goals as ground zero
yet govern all that moves!
all is cursed by humans

humans are nano-bots, Creative’s guard
but now like puppies in their prison
on their worry-stew

i change the laws!
to all be damned!
they change it most
balance- off-throw man!

changes patterned in privileged warning

moxie to the corner
it’s all the simple mind

where undeveloped moxie
cannot fly history
in paragraphs to bring mind

we’ll change directions!
watch them objectify
booths and stasis
galaxy of member states
with chicken fever

can you weave comprehension?
no construct
no township ends the overcome soul

on and on
end to end
bound to meet soul’s battle
commerce wars to bring souls quiet

centered, you understood the pain
of fists and traveled proceeds
controlled by structured wagers

in model-prey, this
the Avars unresolved
for many many suns

oh breath! where is my drink–
honed assistance forms such waste…
rarely observed in wide desert
all with pits of stain in model form

i’m trying!
Earth would make speak clear,
the problem not in growth
but growing wrongly

incursions reach the garrison
and stick

we study important powers
we study ways
the means to weave the mind to mind

the re-beginnings of moxie
demands build on old design
while seizing charge …

each graven bow
commit to random
sow by sow

and through ages youth will build
away from regulations

where growth is real
in conscrict mind

mind is mastered by its own wit when regulation applies
a real man to man woman
born to hold compand

dream on
remember i don’t bluff?
or did i …
maybe once enough. course then
change aim
then mark behind to do the same …

and the circle
will all slide to form — drift into models
drowning strills of climate

do you comprehensively stand?
no grinding work will sacrifice man

my rule-changer
my carved-pride
champion of his hollowed home

no can win but win for ALL
or i do not destruction of the sea

do you comprehensively stand?
i change the rules … damn i and everyone
for every step
every rung? no! wrong is code
that blames command

frack that! how foolish need all be?
so gather stipends
thoughts that stretch to larger tunes
separate all preliminary gains
to maneuver from short projections

we talked to all of one mind
from that which was sold of produce

bent down and out, no one will grow
how are games won?
you throw away any offered reward


the only evil, man to man ….. is …..


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