in note

I am doing well, thank you.
Aches and pains of old age, you know;
could use a new back.

How are you?
I hear the world has not been kind,
but when was it ever?

Mostly you know I think about you, right?
Not so much in prayers,
but more like holding what I know
is GOOD in what you are and do…
holding that close to the center of my being;
like if I were ruling the skies —
or anything, for that matter–
those avenues, those traits would be the first
ones I guard, defend: Keep as a necessity
since they are a PART of you.

Sometimes the world is a better place….
and you notice.

Me? Oh, I get up in the mornings–
try not to scream, most days only succeed partially.
Sometimes I think about how a man would settle me down …
but then I think on the times they just drove me completely up
the wall…

and i sigh …. weather is nice. I like the sunshine, it reminds
me of my days on the beach. Miss that sometimes,
though I don’t miss the sand.


2 Replies to “in note”

  1. Neat picture. I think you should take a vacation to the beach soon. It might do you wonders! THAT (the beach and ocean) is a big part of the good, you know? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. yea …. i have pretty good memories and an imagination that can pretty much place me there at any time. and sometimes then the memories are better than the reality is now …. how things change and we are disappointed. if i’ve learned anything — it’s that you have to move forward, and be content with remembering the past. ๐Ÿ™‚ though a beach i’ve never been to before ……… spain, france, egypt — that could be nice!

      pic is of millcreek creek, a few blocks from here.

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