how revenge works

so pain is a gift?

you start saying that, somebody is going to decide they are being nice to you by giving you pain. so, the nice guy with the sword slices you, and you go “thank you! i LOVE my pain!” NO …. you pull a gun out like Indie, and you teach the idiot to not bring a sword to a gun fight. then you teach HIS children to LOVE their pain ….


3 Replies to “how revenge works”

  1. I absolutely LOVE these pictures. Okay, now that I’ve said that, I think it’s pretty amazing how you manage to pull things out of the shadows into the light that people just don’t think about. If I were a gambling type, I would bet that people who practice revenge never once stop to consider how they are perpetuating the cycle of anger/hate/pain. Or maybe they just don’t care. Either way, thanks for bringing this to peoples’ attention – maybe they will stop and consider the ripple effect the next time they contemplate revenge.

  2. ripple effect — i like that. yea …. cycles that can lead to greater consequences. or effect more and more over time. plus the subject of revenge itself and how some don’t see how they are being played, fed philosophies that are ultimately detrimental to their well-being. and the thing about ‘pulling’ anyone out of some of that, is that any process away from a cycle is going to be harder before it gets easy or better.

    though at this point in my life, Dragon …. i wonder if i’m actively looking for the walls to bang my head against ….

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