my pain

i have to think about that:

the crazy guy
argument for argument’s sake
adamant insanity
to ends that becry redemption

am i that disconnected?

degrees, all
my thought, to defend again
the aspect of broken DOWN logic
to hold the pace

what say you from the bowels of cruelty?
from the heart of care
there is only dismay at misunderstanding


2 Replies to “my pain”

  1. Hmmm. Makes me think. Do you ever think you’re the kind of person who “cares too much”? I find myself wondering if I am, fairly regularly. It can be disheartening, when you see how many people *don’t* care…but then again, all the more reason to be one who does, I guess.

    1. somebody’s gotta hold the dam, dragon …. though maybe if more of us didn’t, all would collectively turn around to being more decent. just today, i was thinking what a snot the grocery boy was, and how he shouldn’t be working a job he hates. but then i was making excuses for him in my head — yes, this is how i spend my days — and told myself he has had to compete with others where a demonstration of disdain (ie NOT caring) is somehow considered a power play. ( having brains doesn’t seem to enter the equation in our competitively-based male stratospheres. ) and i feel sorry for those who cannot care for others …. how will they ever then recognize and demand caring for themselves?

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