my humility

my humility is something gritty
bigger than
knowing you’re a stinking human

my humility does not consider itself above others
realities of hard work
a comfort

my humility sees what hearts can be
and judges only those
who believe
in the fate of inherent superiority

whether by God
and deluded favoritism
or by empty holes
life leaves gray and bare
the death of a thousand inconsequential acts

my humility grasps the nature of mortality
accepting the guise of my creation
not gainsaying through ambitious need
NEVER refusing to make way
LOVE will make space for further generations
i want them to HAVE
not more … but the pride that comes
with accomplishing integrity

my humility has no
fear of non-existence
do you fear to shut your eyes at night?

every day
my humility contemplates what can get done
with what time is left

i do not need a thousand degrees of satisfaction
my humility invalidates ANY entitlement

yours, as well

have you seen my eyes?
they do not need to see more pain
but i will go forever

to the ends you cannot dispense with this metal
i do not pretend weakness
to suffer comfort
i do not guarantee flexibility
only to be bent

my humility has grafted itself to every experience
every recorded gesture
i fight and keep each alive … the ends
of determined hopes
when at 7
you vow to NEVER forget your parents

and the weariness precludes joy
many nights

i do not crave hollow redemptions ….. no

my humility has been through much more
than to be reduced to common reward



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