iPhone the blood-sucker of data usage

boy that really ticks me off ……. i didn’t make the connection before. but it’s the iPhone and its high data-usage construct that fracked UNLIMITED DATA for EVERYONE.

verizon was doing ok with unlimited data when sticking with the Droid, and other low-consuming phones. but after adding iPhone, they not only found they had to impliment the pay-by-use tier system … until that could be put into force, many areas had to choke the iPhone signal to keep Apple users from pulling down the systems entirely.

this last week, i have worked to set up an open wifi guest-signal for the apartment building. and i finally had to put checks in place, because of the iPhone problem.

these people have to have the elitist phone and support that nonsense, yet can’t pay for their own wifi. the Apple phone is programmed to hunt for ANY free signal around, like a hungry lion looking for its next meal. and the data usage is unreal!!!!

2-3 gigs a DAY per iPhone —- that’s my whole data allotment for the MONTH now, since they made Verizon cut unlimited data to normal users.

because of their structure, where Apple keeps constant tabs on users, plus has every user STREAM their music and movies over the internet, rather than store them locally on the device hard drive … you have this recipe for disaster. for the most ridiculous data usage you’d ever see in your life. crippling our wireless infrastructure, putting pressure on the FCC to free up more bandwidth, and basically making EVERYONE else pay for Apple’s cloying policies within their iTunes network.

i’m betting the airports no longer provide a free wifi signal …

looked it up …… some are limiting access to websites, others are bringing in outside contractors to limit time with commercial-sponsered service or a charge-by-use service.

AWG (advanced wireless group)….. apparently got the contracts for airports …. how many do you think saw that one coming? meanwhile, asia has the better wireless system while our “own” industries like Apple blow ours apart from the inside.

i am hoping the contract Verizon signed with Apple wasn’t done in blood ……… dead weight is dead weight.


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