the first step is denial …

we are made in the image of ‘God’
the likeness of our master

a chicken has a radius and ulna
a cow has an optical nerve
a chimp even has a thumb …

but those don’t count?
they only have PART of the parts of ‘God?’

what is any being supposed to conclude
but that arrogance is swift?


the second step is preference …

‘God’ loves only ME
the banding AGAINST other God-believers

creates continual flux and marshal
once ANY band becomes a majority
it WILL split — not MIGHT — WILL
when the DEFINITION — the FAITH is DEFINED by
opposition, that opposition will retain equal
or greater parts

within the upholding of its definition

what is a being to conclude
but that injustice is sharp?


the third step is betrayal …

believe that He has died for your redemption
and you will be free

the placing of burdens on another,
the scapegoat
creation of a patsy

someone to LEAVE BEHIND
in the heard

to distract the hunter-beast

pick the least among you and sacrifice
no pick the greatest among you and sacrifice

the process is the same
in the old days it was give us your child
so that we might sacrifice him to Ya
and save our village from flood

what is any being to conclude
but that cowardice is weighty?


the third step is ambition …

those who follow will be granted forgiveness
and eternal life

to avoid justice and right fallout
of action

conniving, clever … the DESIGNING of loopholes,
the set-up

machinations for the payout of MEAN

what is this being to conclude
but that evasion is sweet?


the fourth step is wariness …

if you follow Him the world will hate you,
and those who oppose you only fear your greatness

funny thing, suspicion
the more you have of it, the more it is validated
like compounding interest that always keeps
the fracker at the head (out of the way of) of their own fracking

if you approach in a wary manner
even a dog
will raise its haunches
where otherwise it would not

those who are wary by default create suspicion in others
when grouped, wariness becomes the glorification of surrender…

what is a being to conclude
but that preemptivity is doom?


the fifth step is exclusivity …

those who worship the Lord will receive blessings,
those who follow are lifted up to the right hand

what most don’t seem to take into account
that to HAVE that exclusivity … you HAVE to have
others on the left hand

you HAVE to have those WITHOUT blessings

to give, to offer money and goods to others
you have to have those exempt from share

it is a justification for inequalities;
for a stasis of non-action
when viewing the disparity of your fellow man

in days past an illness was considered proof
of a ‘bad’ person
ie: his disease was given to him by GOD in a judgment
so whomever gets sick is BAD and a sinner.

for the logic that inverts wholly
without mutually exclusive means — a perceptional inevitability

current times no longer say illness is sin
BUT …..HELD onto the PROCESS
and now just say anyone who is poor is bad,
deserving of their smaller and unjust share

WHILE keeping devotion to genetic lines
it is the graven mistakes in history of kings ….

what is a being to conclude
but that cordonation is suicide?


you do not break the cycle
to begin anew the same cycle


our worship is not how far to rise
but to SEE how far man could collectively fall
in an ever-deepening spiral of bad behavior

the proclivity for inclusion
at perpendicular actions with
the “love thy neighbor” and “help thy fellow”
therefore creating inherent guilt,
which braces items 2-3
items 4-5 brace themselves in self-fulfilling-causality
all circle to brace item 1
in a defensive measure of “being”

the instigation of this social-cycle
perhaps a result of experiments in the power
of group determination (heard-instinct)
over personal logics

(at what point will man turn to create better,
to recognize the ill of the whole?)

BUT the mechanism itself is a set-up
with a doctored outcome
SKEWED by the very nature of its test
and therefore constructed
BY that which desires specific results
in the realm of HARM

it is the sociology of a conquered people

(think of an experiment designed by the lead scientist that he knows
will fail over and over but he orders the tests anyway because
jacking off to the screams of the rhese monkeys is his favorite passtime)

maybe aliens are checking to see if mankind
falls into the classification of friend, foe, or food?

it’s the only explanation that makes any sense …
of course,
to simply be an experiment for another race of HUMANS would be impossible,


and YOU want to be the image of your God?
the progression creates a continued disjointing of logics
with a further push to DENY reality in ever-widening degrees of mis-match (group-delusion)
or be relegated to understandings inclusive of despair

it is a loop of causality
a perceptional

a philosophical TRAP
spirals of causality
simulate progression
but result in the same outcome
the same mess
over and over
simply in greater parameters
that may or maynot become more difficult
to overcome over time
opposed spirals create a simulation of infinity. where true and actual infinity is closer to a spiral that spirals

a philosophical TRAP
bad joke

mean mean joke ………
who is laughing?

over TIME the trap tightens
creates a nation
a society
creates a people who are diametrically opposed
in their reasoning:
those who oppose ‘bad’ traits enough to break from the cycle,
and those who uphold them and call it ‘faith’

no neater way to divide nations
the methodology is greater than happenstance ………

a prey of weaker mind
a self-fulfilling causality
by using the variable of contest.


a CON — convict, prisoner ….. TEST



test is the surety you find
in any material

you want an answer?
start with the denial

send the kiddies to anatomy class … in first grade

make the comprehension of body something sooth,
that cannot be enterprised
by the charlatan of medicine …….kill two birds with one stone
which then ……….. how many st. mark hospitals do we HAVE?

the flim flam man will ALWAYS create want for services
in a direct route … causing the need himself
and then fulfilling it
therefore the MORE money or return HE needs,
the more of a NEED he can create in OTHERS
auntie is having a baby? increase the poison
he drops in the water supply every day on the way home from work ….if
you over-shoot it, have uncle Harold start a funeral business.

in the old times,
Michelangelo had to break in to crypts
so that he could paint the body, learn the parts
they sealed man from studying himself ….
and keeping anatomy and physiology as only electives in highschool …

means what? will teach students HEALTH, what to DO
based on MEDICINE’s understanding of structure in function,
which of course changes depending what stock needs a bump that week ……..

the ones who set up these chains are SMART
i think they’re dead
i hope they’re dead
scares the crap out of me

and i’m not saying there isn’t a God

i’m not saying creation is big-bang over invention

i’m saying YOU ARE TRAPPED

to get un-trapped, you do what you have-to.

THEN, worry about finding the nature of your own soul

we are wallowing in devoted mires of hypocrisy

caught there like simpletons and idiots within child’s play

it wearies me beyond measure

if the emperor had any less clothes …he’d be minus the skin, too.


Feedback always welcome

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