Big America

a tiger roamed the woods at night
he found a panther filled with fright
when asked what brought the large-cat down
the panther growled and touched his crown

said weights of worlds are in the air
and tides and time need constant care
just now, the sky it burst in flame
as moats below ran red with blame

they say we started worlds of town
to build canals, to sew and plow
then crooned that soldiers found them dead;
in irrigation slowly bled

like nightmares as if how were sin
we marked that land to rope it in
but now in taunts, the book goes round
to claim for helmand moral ground

the tiger shook his head and roared
leapt to the moon, to seal the score
the panther froze his teeth in wood
to mark the place where tiger stood

and as the night drew slowly on
the sky’s were graced in fields of dawn
and all were seen to know the day
where cat by cat turned 9’s to play

for over worlds and under scores
the least of men shopped door to door
now all bear crowns, all know the weight
as stars burn stars of gold to fate

and tigers still are found each night
in forests gifted stark, with fright
to meet those who would hold the keys
grant them the courage, once to see

that time and tide and all that’s known
are nothing, naught — without your home
you guard, protect, deny all need
and trust to teeth-marks left in trees


3 Replies to “Big America”

  1. That last line gave me a chill. This whole piece had kind of an “Alice in Wonderland” feel to it, but the subject matter was heavy enough to keep it from feeling like nonsense. You certainly do tackle some tough subjects, E. Props for doing it so eloquently with words!

    1. thanks ………. hard for me to weave any kind of story. wanted to somehow write an analogy that had original elements yet still struck a chord. felt myself, that i fell a little short. but got close …..

  2. oh …. and yea, that was that week that idiot was going around on talk shows with his book about how USA set up a “colony” in afghanistan that according to him was some sort of self-indulgent cultural invasion. not a single one of our ancestors did anything lightly, and without further motive above and beyond surface “public” explanations. those are the earlier ‘teeth marks’ in trees that it helps to note ………. some outsider from another culture trying to tell us who we are? i don’t think so ………. that fracker needs to be sent packing.

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