the betrayal of lesser creatures

this is why I stay away from people

one woman tells me that the other
has told HER
to not call me or “disturb” me
to go shopping or to the movies
because i wouldn’t like that

the other woman
tells me the first woman
has told HER that
….. well i can’t remember
because i didn’t log the event in my long-term

but the point is
you can’t trust either
as far as you can throw 50 pounds of tomatoes

i’m like ok
one is actively undermining me
and the other actively dislikes me
OR one or both of them are lying

and i didn’t DO anything
i didn’t undermine THEM
or hate THEM or lie to THEM

if the greater mind doesn’t play
by the same base rules

does that mean those who display BETTER
integrity will simply get crushed

left along the pathway of natural selection?
so our culture itself
precludes the possibilities of improving its future

we are a species destined to wither and decline
because think of it!
EVEN if “God” sends you better construction
you will relegate “different” as bad
and destroy it

so i try to teach that different is not a subset of bad
that if you are a dominant species on a planet
you don’t NEED to strike something else before it can strike you

gossip is how humans warn on that;
spread the trepidation

but it’s like the proclivity comes out of the ground
and i was born with deaf feet

i remember …. every slight
it is a model of true science
and deterministic problem-solving:

IF you discover someone has given you a falsehood, you can NEVER return to trust.


to map the pattern of knives
like they are points on a map
fulfillment will go to the movies alone

it’s not so bad

how to explain that days don’t care about that
what tomorrow cares about
is that as a species we are geared
to destroy our embetterment

when faced with a parameter of non-expansion
humanity is structured
to eliminate embetterment

… that which will
genetically improve kind

and you can’t REVERSE that:
each generation gets harder and harder
as distance grows

maybe Time won’t know what to do
and simply destroy man as the one bad experiment

but what man can do
is stop worshipping self-destruction

to love thy neighbor
was like a patch to human programming
but the mendacity just went deeper

comes out by way of snide remarks
(will not cast future hope to the streets anymore)
and gossip
and back-stabbing BS

is it THAT hard to be upfront
are you THAT weak?

now we need to build UP

in the days where cast to the street
the superior would band
then they would MOVE

create their own city
their own nation

then THEIR best
would be cast to the street

move and create their own city
their own nation

NOW … you KEEP the best in your cloisters
to pummel them to death
discourage their normal existence
and procreation

is it why we look to explore?
kind of hard to build your own rocket
though india and some are TRYING

because you threw those best to the street
and we are programmed to MOVE
and get BETTER as we do so

but now …..

now i have one woman telling me the other is an ass
and the other woman showing me i’m an ass

and i think how that means i’m the best
and i have to fight to survive
i look at the needs

it is hard to not need company
but i look at the needs

examine the fears
and think how i can help

but you can’t
more friends
commit suicide

the ones who were to be YOUR nation:
they drop like flies

and you weep and consider how even at FIVE moves ahead
you don’t have what it takes to build UP

because worry can’t even offer the light bulb
for screwed programming
like that is where the love thy neighbor patch
is squishing out

one nation inside another
not moving
working to be strong
but more like strong slaves
to establish the order of slaves

so we have the states
working to be strong inside the other
and we repeat our patterns of mistakes until its
more than i can bear ……

i remember when you could get a soda at the movies for 50 cents
my grandma remembers when you could GO to the movies for 10 cents

now i wonder HOW
we are going to justify our rates

humanity geared
to destroy embetterment

must reprogram
to grow the anti-need

it’s not a hardware problem

you restrict procreation
you ENFORCE procreation
you create clothes
you takeoff clothes
you create armies
throw your best to armies
and KILL them by best from OTHER nations
you prison best and worst together
then send them to whole new continents
tides of regeneration

you destroy trust
to where man knows not if ANY of historical context
is correct

it is only a demonstration of the failure
a wallowing in a mistake

a method of bemoaning all that you did wrong
while the TIME you take spanking yourself
could be used to set things RIGHT

it is from the bowels of STUPID

contest doesn’t work
limited procreation doesn’t work
trying to make people not instinctively drive the best away
has only created armies they “keep” like pets

the clues to the wrong
the nature of the bug

trying to keep track of the flailing
is like receiving a sentence for insanity

right is down
up is incorrect
out is wrong

changing waves
changing climate
changing earth itself
probabilities for magnetic shift

there are bigger problems. you don’t fix eternity by tending only to the little stuff. all must be conjunction.


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