STOP soda and make lemonade

it’s actually true that too much soda can put a cycle in motion that leaves a person drained and lethargic.

to be clear, it’s too much fructose– in the form of the corn syrup. and the extra glucose in the blood creates an extra production of insulin, to move that energy into the cells.

but something happens, and you’re left with too much insulin in the blood … which then DROPS the glucose blood levels. the possibilities for the high insulin levels, range from not enough fluids, to not enough salts, to problems with the kidneys themselves in the excretion of excess insulin.

that extra insulin and lower blood-sugar levels, creates a difference in blood flow to the brain. now i’m not sure WHY, because they explain that as a reaction to PROTECT the brain. but you would then think that MORE blood would go to the brain to get it the required amounts of energy. but the extra insulin somehow translates to the brain thinking there is also lots of extra blood-sugars … even if there is not.

so the vessels restrict, lowering the oxygen and creating headaches, with the compounding of lowered blood supply AND less sugars in the blood creating a sustained lethargy.

problem with this reactive-process, is that the one remedy for reducing insulin levels is heavy exercise: which isn’t exactly something a person feels like doing when they are lethargic and headachy.

since the sugar ingestion is combined with fluids, there might be a dampening effect to just the extent that effects are less dramatic and therefore more insidious.

continued overproduction of insulin results in diabetes, because those cells producing the insulin get worn out from overuse. THEN get the higher blood sugar levels where the energy is NOT getting transferred to the cells. and that can cause organs to start to fail and further degeneration.

we NEED sugars, we need the energy. but once your body does not use the insulin it is processing …. there can be a mental and pain-induced secondary cycle of degeneration. it may or may not lead to diabetes, but will lead to less exercise when exercise is the answer to removing that insulin from your blood stream. so becomes a trap of causality.

i don’t seem to have the same reaction to plain granulated sugar dissolved in lemonade. that just goes to energy and doesn’t leave me tired. maybe the extra acidity ….. maybe because homemade lemonade doesn’t contain the large amounts of SALT that are in store-bought beverages.

but it’s less expensive than the soda, too. have been using it in place of that for about 1 year now. DO have super problems the next day if i eat anything heavy in sugar. candy, like chocolate — translates to instant migraines. and dessert, pies, cakes, cookies — i pay-for the next day with misery. headache, no energy … basically the way i have felt for decades.

it seems to me, that there is enough information on the processes that there should be some viable forms of action in place. other than “diet and exercise.” because you can’t get out and exercise when you are that miserable. it is simply against instinct. then top THAT off with the fact that the answer to EASILY stop the headaches is to ingest more sugar.

do you know that the doctors at the LDS hospital here in salt lake, about 12 years ago …. told me to DRINK MOUNTAIN DEW for my migraines? basically SENTENCING you to that merry go round. so i did ……… horrified my grandmother when i showed back in California and she saw how much soda i was drinking.

you have to wonder. i’m saying don’t cut back on the stuff — you have to stop. period. AND can’t do the diet-sort, because most of those sugar-substitutes have deleterious effects on the kidneys. so are going to find unusual imbalances once again if go that route.

switch to a lemonade, or an ice tea. (not the powdered sort, because they have too much ‘fake’ acid and you’ll end up with heartburn.) have found a homemade lemonade beverage gives me the little energy boost i need, without the bad effects. and hydrates at the same time, where plain water does not enter the system for me most of the time … once in awhile i can drink lots and lots of water, usually after heavy exercise. and that feels REALLY good.

but normally, plain water leaves me feeling sick. so the answer, is to cut the sugars and pull the old body together enough to get in some heavy exercise, then drink the water to flush and helps the kidneys then and maybe insulin and fluid balances can improve over time.

so you don’t START with exercising, you start with cutting out the soda (it’s possible soda is a problem because of its combination of salt AND sugar.) then once the body is a little more balanced in its sugar-uptake (will notice a reduction in headaches), get out and exercise like mad.

the feelings of extra energy, combined with greater brain-usage, might leave you confused. try to let it pass, and do the exercise to balance that.

what i have found, is i can walk WHILE swinging my arms — i call it “land-swimming” …. and it provides the extra blood-flow while allowing me to keep in that motion for an hour or more. you look weird, people stare — who cares. it works, i can’t jog, because the cement is TOO hard and i hurt my joints.

this provides about the same range of movement … providing a more consistent workout while not adversely effecting joints.

so i just wanted to share that. after a year of the better sugars, and now starting to exercise and FEEL like exercising — i am pulling up and out. i SAID it was do or die time. i guess the balance fell to “do” ………


4 Replies to “STOP soda and make lemonade”

  1. Good for you! 🙂 I used to be a Mtn. Dew junkie…I quit cold turkey about 5 years ago. I had pretty bad headaches at first, but was determined not to get back to that addiction, and so far, so good. Except that I substituted water and coffee (with cream and yes, some sugar, although not as much as I was getting with the pops). I am SO glad I don’t drink soda now. Every once in awhile, I will have a Sprite or maybe a Cream Soda, but it’s usually once a month, if that. I wish more people realized just how addicted we are as a country to sugar and how very, very bad it is, overall. At least in the quantities in which we Americans consume it. Anyhow, I’m happy you have found a way to kick that soda habit! YAYYY!

    1. it’s so much better …. really do feel more in control of how i feel day to day physically. and when making lemonade or iced tea, can add as little or much sugar as i feel like. rather than some set addicting-level amount. i sort of do the same thing, maybe once a month have a soda as a treat …. making sure get the exercise in after. glad you dropped the dew … that’s a hard one to stop.

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