pull of the shingle

just thought i’d put it out there for the whole world to see ……… that i don’t believe in ghosts. and i don’t mean that, by saying I’ve never seen a ghost, or had stuff move on its own.

creaks, bumps in the night …….. my childhood home settled a LOT.

what i mean by “not believing” is that i don’t believe any entity has deterministic value for choice after a dissolution of their corporal structure.

most ghost stories are either sad tales of madness, or disassociated reasoning that gives explanation for erratic behavior. those explanations fill-in for lacks in biological knowledge and the charting or history of the subject involved.

an abandoned building generates a human “fear-response” …..why? because ANY abandoned ‘den’ is a probable site for other creatures that use those facilities for advantage of attack. anybody who has ever played a video game, going into a cave-system where you don’t know what is around the corner ……….. that’s the kind of “natural” fear ANY animal will have entering an unoccupied “den.”

so brush it off, yell a lot as you enter …….. but we go in QUIETLY, feel the hairs raise on the back of your neck, and call it a ghost. which is ok if are children, but adults falling for the ruse?

i don’t know what to think on these things …………. mostly makes me depressed.

the ONE standard it is important to carry, as a dissector of systems, is that you CANNOT just assume that a function you are studying has ALL its variables APPARENT to you. many times there are functions of which you are not aware.

why does hair raise on a neck? BECAUSE a FEAR response for ANY animal is to appear larger than it is.

so how do we ‘get rid’ of ghosts? do you find the pheromone-receptor for that ‘fear-sense’ when entering an empty-den? obliterate the sensing mechanism, and no more ghosts or ghost stories. BUT ………. there are 20 other systems DEPENDENT on that function outside of the ONE malfunction noted.

so an impromptu fix just created 400 MORE problems that NO one can repair. NOW …… what was the ACTUAL malfunction? one of behavioral code ….the CORRECT code is that you walk into an empty den yelling and shouting………”anybody home?!” you walk into an empty den with a weapon to increase tactical advantage.

humans not engaging in these practices, are failing their IQ but it’s the social-instruction that failed THEM. we are talking lacks in instruction, that IF set right —- WILL correct the misperception of “haunted houses.”

but you ‘like’ that …… except now you have a lot of buildings that will NEED to remain empty, and are looking at demolition unless can widely retrain socio-patterns. [hypothesis] there are MANY clues outside of documented awareness that tell a human whether or not a structure is occupied. some newer materials thwart that, some do not. what happens if those senses are thwarted? you end up feeling there is ‘ghost town’ in tract of houses unless SEE people or lights.[/hypothesis]

when it comes to seeing or hearing things in your own home, where then generate a belief that previous owners died there or had this or that happen ………. ANY den where ‘death’ —-any death-den is going to have inherent insecurities due to fear of disease. that which CAUSED the death. when there is no knowledge of histories, such as myself in moving from apartment to apartment ……… one becomes inured to the process. yes, it is difficult when faculties will inform that some structures where designed for optimal advantage and dominance of another member of their family unit. YES, that feels like “ghosts.” so how a home or residence is built IN THE FIRST place will attribute to feelings of trepidation. mostly a recognition-factor of the TYPE of animal that BUILT that den, and a FEAR that that creature MIGHT return.

and that’s it ……………..

i don’t believe in ghosts. i believe that if we are to understand ourselves, we are going to have to see a lot more than mirrors.


3 Replies to “pull of the shingle”

  1. Hi there, I have a blog I recently started about the experiences we have had in our rehab home. I have never had experiences before, these occurrences are not just bumps in the night, On T.V. paranormal shows such as “the haunted” are fun to watch, and dramatized for entertainment purposes, not that events have not occurred however, from my new experiences they are not constant, horrifying, but are happening, explain a male voice answering a question from me a female alone in the house at night on my digital recorder, not a metallic sounding voice just a regular guy sounding voice, and the answer was per-tenant to my question, I will recall this event later in my blog. I was always on the fence about this but now I am beginning to accept there is more to us than physical matter, death and decomp. Let me know what you think?

    1. chances are you have a boyfriend or male relative playing a prank on you with the voice. i would put money on it.

      my grandmother’s “ghost” used to smoke a pipe …. which was i would think, a nice way for a father to explain the mysterious smoke-smell when dad was supposed to be out at work …..

      mysterious things happen, but largely due to mental fatigue and the PERCEPTION of that event. we see only the surface most days, of the thousand million variables that effect our lives. as animals that work to control our environment, we are in an odd position of hunting out as many variables as we can, in order to make corrections in living spaces.

      when no defintive explanation is available, we make up one to fill the void. sort of like how you build around the missing piece of a puzzle by imagining what it WOULD look like. too many missing pieces, and that picture takes on a whole nother set of reality and variables all to its own.

      if they become stand-alone realities, we call that a delusion and cause for concern. if it becomes a mass delusion, with elements of acceptance —- we call ourselves “believers.”

      the problem then lies, in the fact that when or if any mass delusion reaches proportions of convenience — the human will start creating missing pieces to that puzzle that don’t exist. the goal gets subverted, from cataloging ones surroundings, to creating an inclusive feeling with fellow “believers.” scientifically, this means you will be cataloging then ONLY those events and data that falls in line with your premise — while ignoring all other forms of data.

      socially, this creates a “rube” …. a person who is easily fooled based on the parameters of their “belief.” ask how business is going for the candlemakers with saints painted on the glass …. or for astrology books. or for ghost shows, rides, exhibits. follow the money trail …… the pranks are done and continue to keep the money flowing. because she tells two friends, and she tells two friends …..

      i have not found a single instance of para-normal (split-a-norm) that was not more easily explained with less fantastical data. feeding into hopes of continued existence after death plays into that, too. it’s all Oz ….. the man behind the curtain pulling the strings. don’t be fooled.

      if ghosts really do appear, you’ll know it.

      mostly, when life sends me things that make sense, i say thank you. and when it doesn’t …. i say “not again….”

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