D-one as in done

interesting is they are testing newer compilations of vitamin D in outerspace. my understanding is that we can synthesize vitamin D, but it still needs the action of sunlight on skin to activate. now as far as media advice to put on lots of sunscreen …….. new studies have found that melanin (aka suntan)— is a source of Oxytocin that alleviates depression. why sunshine is more “happy” is not the psychological effect then, but a physical effect of sun on skin. however, instead of the answer being “have some sunshine” — it’s have a shot of Oxytocin. *sigh* i have just about had it. Oxytocin is known as the chemical (hormone) that causes feelings of camaraderie but also the residual is cause of post -partum depression. SUPPOSEDLY. it IS fact that they have used it for years to induce labor. tricky things, hormones. can you tell they had a meeting of the endocrine society this last week?

how many more tails do medicine-brokers want chased? sunshine feel good — enjoy.


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