Windows 8 Build 8400: Looking Good!

really nice features of the latest Windows 8 preview operating system:

1: can pull up Metro and Immersive browser in EITHER dual screen, not just the main display. transition is flawless.

2: and other flash-based sites now available in Internet Explorer 10.

3: greater driver-support for mobile devices.

4: More ways to place web links and apps on your start page

5: More apps available for trial from appstore, including games like fruit ninja. (btw much more awesome playing-experience than on android, and soon to be an XBOX interactive.)

6: speaking of Xbox …. are looking at “movement-based controls” for the future of Windows 8, with the Kinetic technology. wave your hand, open an email, nod your head and open a browser … might even see a translation-programming for sign-language to written text. they can do it NOW, is just matter of funding development/marketing projections.

7: SINCE windows is standardizing their Immersive (Metro) interface, all content will be converted and conformed to the html 5, eliminating many security problems before they start, AND preventing slow-downs of Internet Explorer and the user experience.

8: performance of Windows 8 on AMD quad-core is demonstrably faster than any other operating system, including Ubuntu 11.04 and the Windows 7 system that came with my computer.

9: Windows 8 is outfitted with its own built-in security programming, no more need for Norton or McAfee, etc.

10: if are having trouble networking computers with cables or routers, don’t need to anymore ….. with SkyDrive …. have automatic cloud storage and syncing of all your Windows 8 machines, including phones, laptops, as well as file-system syncing between machines via Windows Live Mesh.


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