on the classification of mentally ill

to a generalized extent, ANY classification not generated by the individual themselves, is an ostracization. and you CAN conclude that those feeling the need to ostracize members are unsure of their leadership, at best.

when those of intelligence are the ones singled-out, especially when you have that happening to them as children and being drugged as children …………… ? i weary, to me it’s obvious the amount of wrong (and wrong-doing). to hide the “reconditioning” under the mantel of ‘medicine’ is deplorable and has only tarnished the greater endeavors of medicine as a whole.

PS: those who suffer from flat-lining emotions (NON “bi-polar”) are so dull and non-inventive and walking around half dead and half asleep. TO the extent, that anyone with any NORMAL amount of emotion “startles” them into FEAR.

my point is that not only do psychological parameters have the “diagnostic” process botched, the entire premise of singling out certain human beings from interaction of their peers, based on the witness ONLY and the FEAR of those peers ……….. is wrong.

the fear of the populace is not a valid reason to frack one of its members. AND that populace then declares that member “a danger to themselves and others.” here in Utah, they have worked even to change that to a “probable danger to themselves and others.”

leaders are then going to PREDICT when and how others might be afraid of an ostracized member in the future? it’s all really cute, sealed up nice, neat, and delivered. but MY point, is that ONE member of society should not be forced to PAY with their FREEDOM for the FEAR of other members of a society. grow some balls.

you might find as a whole, that your society becomes more interesting.

once flagged as “bi-polar” …. any normal display of emotion is precluded from your BEING, or you are looked at as being dangerous. AND they have persons holding those spots so other might feel “better” that they have not succumbed to delusions, depressions, anxiety, or non-function. i know the arguments on the side of those who consider their view reasonable. i also know they are only covering their own insecurities and lacks of individual dictate.

the doctors are not the problem. it is those in the lives of the mentally ill, who are ill-informed and in many cases fervent for punishment to those who believe or think differently than they-do. most doctors are open for a patient to decide on their medication themselves (when in an outpatient setting). once flagged, to stay safe you keep yourself dimmed and under the radar. especially with those (family/friends) who BELIEVE they themselves are qualified for diagnostic applications.

ALSO ………. stand back from the wall —- expand it out a bit to hold a bigger picture ———– you have the process itself of outlawing delusion: the function of discovering a self-made explanation for reality, that may or may not — but most often, not — fit in with the COLLECTIVE understanding of that reality. ie a religious or theoretical approach to problem-solving. one might conclude that the out-lawing of individual explorations in understanding (be however illogical) are a symptom of current religious-power to quell the process of any ‘up-start’ or new understandings. so you have what our era calls “science fiction” …… with all the blah blah on that and its followers ………. SO, what happens when a dam starts leaking? but that’s as much as i’ll say.

main thing to understand, is that many seem to be under the assumption that all who are ‘caught’ and hospitalized for mental illness displayed either violence to themselves, or others. i only displayed any violence the VERY first time, in 1986. and have been locked away and freedom taken away too many times to count, after that. FOR the display of emotion or emotive states. believe me, the conditioning process is then to avoid emotive states. that’s how it IS. i do not care about intentions or “worries” of unproductive or ‘dysfunctional’ lives. as far as I’M concerned, the definition of ‘dysfunction’ is a FAILURE by the society to include the aspects, qualities and contributions, of one of its members.

have seriously studied every other “patient” i came-across in my travails. from the teenagers locked into their own special ward, to the ones who use the system because they are really lazy people who don’t WANT to work. yes, and fact is we have a legislative penal system. and we have a unwritten-law social-penal system. sort of a “legitimatized” version of ‘miss manners.’ yes —– there is no argument that those ‘suffering’ from mental duress are disruptive. what i’m saying, is that when you separate members that are disruptive, you create a homogenous grip that only becomes tighter over time. i don’t think it’s an answer. i don’t think continuing the jailing of criminals is an answer to crime. i think education, and the application for reason and HUMANITY, is the answer. and the continuance of INHUMANE principals within the psychiatric system (including that of ANY forced-medicating) is in diametric opposition to progress.


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