Ode to Windows 8

all the yuppies are going to be in for a surprise
noses in the air
clutching their macbooks
stubbornly insisting how primo
is in WHAT you buy
not how GOOD something is
that you buy ….

Windows 8
just the preview copy
latest build from May 31st
is the most kick-arse thing in computing
this planet has ever seen

while Apple was busy gathering its sheep
Windows was busy buying up PATENTS
on just about any and all software
it could find
divide and conquer … they have not been idle

if anything
looks like business has stepped up a notch
since Bill Gates
hung his hat on an African Safari ride …

the one thing
in the decade to come
that will need to address is HOW

do we get Windows for all computing
while side-stepping monopoly laws

yes, it’s that good
yes, you are going to want to just fly with Windows
and never look back

how much is integrity WORTH?
you watch
you learn a few things

some companies simply stand
by what they believe
FOR what they believe

you watch a lot of shady business
in the computing world
and all along Microsoft has kept themselves
above board: sticking to a code of propriety
in a program that is excellent

while Apple catered to the ones with their noses in the air
proud of how much MONEY they have to SPEND
on bragging-rights
you just shake your head at the number of fellow
citizens proven stupid

spending that kind of money
on products
because they can’t trouble shoot
because they don’t understand what concerted effort

users and Windows TOGETHER
made a system
a functioning analogous system
a stabilizing element for the digital
virtual environment …

and it wasn’t the rich snobs
putting in time and effort

it was the poor slobs
the average guy jived with XP
fought his way through Vista
and semi-liked Windows 7

of course, many stayed with XP
because they didn’t want to pull the oars
holding back

making EVERYTHING need to be
back-wards compatible
so Windows did that, TOO

i’ll tell you what
they say action speaks louder than words

it also speaks louder than fixed pricing
Chinese workers throwing themselves off rooftops
and the concept that spending more
somehow makes YOU a better person

it just makes you stupid

and Apple BROKE two of my DVD drives
with their iTunes software

they can’t even get ONE integrated-program right
for a homogenous system

it’s easy to “be” strong if you don’t give yourself any challenges

it’s easy to write software
if you are working with nobody but YOURSELF

try doing it while working with every
hardware manufacturer
every third-party software vendor
every user and service and driver …

there is just no comparison:
Windows took on the task
Apple didn’t — they stayed in their own little world
dispensing proprietary rights for a cut
of every software to work IN that world
for every video and movie … Apple gets their cut
plays the FIRST man
AND the MIDDLE man
WHILE subverting laws of supply and demand
WHILE effectively CUTTING OUT every little guy

but for the guys making iPad cases
great work there
for sparking other industry

no ………. i am happy the bad guy
will meet his end in being trumped
by the guy who went the distance

who supported fair markets and supply and demand
who worked with software developers
and hardware developers … contracting and building
fighting each step
taking ridicule as simply a challenge
to prove everyone who ever doubted them

this is not me
saying “yea! let’s get on the bandwagon of a winner!”

it’s me saying

i was here All along
and i couldn’t be more proud

Windows 8
it’s something we all did together
every user
sending feedback and even complaints
are a part, too

it makes me happy
to see a “nation” like this form in
the computing world

because maybe that means
that someday the WORLD can work together
with all races and creeds
all hardware and software …….

something to be beautiful
that says we’re not lost after all
….because maybe we never were


7 Replies to “Ode to Windows 8”

  1. You can work quite hard, in particular online, and do quite well independently, but if you really want to grow you need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people.

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