Note to the FCC: inequalities with mobile computing

Many might wonder why I’m so happy with Windows 8 … normally I don’t promote industry. Or only in round-about ways.

Well, over the last 2 years or so, we have entered the mobile age of computing. In this new arena, a development has occurred: Collusion to limit access.

Many website-owners, as well as content providers … use code to limit access by mobile. Now there are several reasons for this. The main reason, is that the PROVIDERS of 3G, 4G, and xG ….are well aware of the limits in wireless bandwidth. SO they are working with many website providers to STOP access to certain content that is bandwidth-intensive.

This is done by modifying software of the mobile device itself, AND by those flags that indicate to the internet servers that you are on a mobile PC. Mostly, there is no workaround and they have it sewed up tight. Even if you load a firefox browser to an Android, you can install the plugin to mimic a desktop PC, BUT since there is no working plugin for flashplayer in firefox, it doesn’t help for those sites blocking access to streaming video.

SO …………… what makes me happy about Windows 8? It integrates the mobile and desktop environment. If websites discriminate against ONE, they will have to discriminate against ALL. And then lose business. Windows 8 will force an equality on the web for mobile computing.

THAT’s why i love them. Or as close as you can get. Because as long as the vigilante and rouge enterprises on the internet are allowed to send mobile computing to the back of the bus — we are a lesser people.

Why? Because like 90% of ACTIVE mobile computing is done by the lower classes. The homeless, the youth who have no other computer. To save themselves, industry is fracking THEM. And that’s not right.

I realize the government needs to open up more airwaves. But consider, that if you can’t behave with what you have been given so far, why should we give you more?

When I was out on my walk the other day, I wanted to download an app from the Amazon appstore. It was just an angry bird app, I think — nothing of a large file size. I got a response that they could not download that with a mobile connection.

So I went over my other apps … all the same thing. Would not download with a mobile 3G connection, and allowing download only through a wifi. SO, if you have someone where the mobile is their main PC, they have to make a trip to Starbucks to install an app?

NOT to mention that I PAY for my mobile service, AND Comcast internet. I almost NEVER use my mobile 3G……. maybe twice a week. So when I go to USE if, I want it to WORK. Not give me a message that “Sorry, we can only perform this on a wifi connection.”

Could understand if I had used up the allowance for 3G, but like I said — I almost never use it. In fact, keep an app specifically to turn it off so I don’t get accidentally charged. Then for the 3G to be USELESS the one time I WANT to use it?

So we have an obstruction of legitimate use of a service that is PREPAID. And of course the burden is put on the server, yet with software on the device itself playing a part. So each party in the obstruction of legitimate use, can effectively pass the buck to the other. SINCE mobile computing has worked itself into a conglomeration of only a few industry-giants (within their collusion of policy to FUNCTION as a monopoly) — AND since a 3G service purchase IS REQUIRED when purchasing a new phone capable of mobile computing — are looking at a breach of contract and means to require redress.

Now I know if I call Verizon, they would offer an apology and even perhaps a small credit or extra 3G allowance (which I would not need or use). The only thing that would do is sap my time, on TOP of the time already wasted trying to connect for a non-functioning download. Also, my loss is not the point. The point is there are those who cannot go home after their walk, and connect to the wifi then to download an app. There are those who cannot switch from the mobile PC to the desktop, to finish filling out a government online form when it did not function on the mobile device.

WHY is that government form not working? Because changes have been made to the Java host, by the Mobile Internet Provider, that PREVENT its full function and execution, obstructing the user from filling out and submitting a government form.

I hope I’m not the only one noticing this stuff …. because it’s gone beyond bad into the realm of “Are you kidding me????” I honestly don’t care if Microsoft integrates a bandwidth-limiting factor within their mobile PC’s. What I care about is fair access to internet services by mobile-PC users. And I believe that within the scope of Windows 8, we will have that.

No thanks to the rest of you numb-ruts sitting on your knuckles, doing nothing. As time goes by, I only watch the discrimination against mobile users grow and grow and grow. Tighten, and you also watch the workarounds. For example, Google now asks their users if they would like to make their uploaded video UNAVAILABLE to mobile computing. That’s right — another kick-back tendril. I imagine those larger “You-tubers” are getting a stipend from the mobile industry per video they make unavailable to mobile.

And since it is the uploader’s CHOICE, Google washes their hands.

I don’t CARE if Microsoft manages to create an effective pseudo-monopoly on ALL computing. Goes against everything I believe-in, but I think it’s the only answer we have. Because at least Microsoft has integrity, which none of the rest of these Bozos have demonstrated. When you have a sheriff coming to town, willing to straighten things up… Gosh you hand over the ammo and give him the power.


I rest my fack-a-lackin-case. What say the court of internet thought?

you might ask how i ‘know’ Microsoft has integrity. i have tested it. from sending and getting responses to website-suggestions, to consumer complaints, to delving into their software development itself. i UNDERSTAND what it took for them to KEEP the security parameters initially put into place on the very first internet explorer. i KNOW how those parameters made web-building a MONSTER of a chore. i KNOW (or can guestimate) how many programmers have badgered them to death to CHANGE IE for the sake of being more compliant with html 4, not to mention 5. and i know the bigger picture, that html 4 and 5 would not even exist but for the work-arounds generated by the CONSISTENCY that was KEPT in IE. because what happened? every page you build in IE, would display same in firefox or google or opera or safari. not every page you build in firefox (or the others) would necessarily display the same in IE. what happened when IE CONTINUED to keep to it’s security parameters? (i’m talking about the progression for page-read) …… those other browsers started to PURPOSELY enact code that would make a page showing correctly in IE, NOT show correctly in THEIR browser. then what did IE have to do? they put a patch into place, termed “compatibility settings” and under the mantle of “to make older websites display better.” but what it really does, is fix those disparities and FIGHT the code-read policy inserted by other browser developers to purposely frack with IE and IE’s STABLE, NON-COMPROMISED read. i pay attention.

Sun Java and their lawsuit against Microsoft Java, with the take-over then by Oracle …. that all plays a part, too. And from what I can tell, no Oracle-Java is used or allowed in IE 10. Could be wrong, but for their display (of app and game content) in Metro Immersive — Windows 8 exclusively uses html 5, not java OR flash. flash has been integrated into the IE interface as a special plugin, but in such a way that limits its use and function. those are the TWO BIGGEST security threats to any browsing, not just IE: JAVA, and FLASH. they both have been independently run, and both have managed to botch auto-updates and leave giant security holes in systems where they are installed. with what must be a new agreement between Adobe and Microsoft — in IE 10, flashplayer software is under the Microsoft mantel to update along with other Windows updates. And it looks like they are cutting out Oracle and Java. no tears shed there.

i don’t write on this more, because it’s kind of a pain to format the thoughts in a good order to be understood. and all i’m doing really is proving what i understand, which in a general sense has no purpose. after all, the grade school IQ tests are probably on record still somewhere! lol ….kind of cool i never had time to finish more than 3/4 of the testing, and would still score in the top ranking.

I take my time ……….. try to get it right. i truly believe Microsoft has worked to take their time, to get it right. Yes, they are a business, and have shareholders as well as a bottom line. But maybe if more businesses were like MIcrosoft, we wouldn’t feel quite so taken as fools by our industrial class. I believe the workers and leadership of Microsoft to have integrity. Or as close as any person can get to it these days, while working in the black.

*how did that soapbox get glued to my feet? voraciously removes and throws into lake*


Feedback always welcome

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